This list details the items of bodywork that have received remedial attention.


08/2005 Front lip (respray) ? The Motegi body kit I purchased was originally front an Iceberg Silver Metallic (B83M) Honda Prelude so I had the parts repainted Ruby Red Pearl (R504P) to match my car's bodywork. The near-side side skirt was already cracked when purchased and this was repaired. This was carried out by Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey. I did not make a note of the cost, from memory I think it cost about £200.
Near-side side skirt (repair & respray) ?
Off-side side skirt (respray) ?
Rear skirt (respray) ?


??/2006 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (respray) ? I accidently scraped the off-side rear wheel arch on a concrete pillar in a Crawley multi-storey car park, probably during the end of 2005 or early 2006. The panel was resprayed by Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey. I did not make a note of the cost or date, from memory I think it cost about £200 and it was carried out around April / May 2006.


04/2009 Front lip (respray) - The front lip & rear skirt were both repainted due to stone chips & blistering at a cost of £149.50 at Customize Bodyworkz in Crawley, West Sussex. I specifically asked for the rear skirt to be stripped down to the bare plastic before repainted it as the paint / primer had not bonded to the original Iceberg Silver Metallic paint correctly and had cracked in a few places revealing the original paint. I later found out that they did not do this.
Rear skirt (respray) -
Materials & labour £149.50


05/2010 17" alloy wheels (repair & powdercoat) £258.50 The condition of the alloy wheels was not too bad, however after over 10 years of use, I felt they would benefit from being refurbished. I originally wanted them to be finished in "platinum", which is a shiny silver. However, I was told that it wasn't recommended due to the plastic centre caps melting in the high temperatures required for the primer process. Instead I chose the "medium metallic silver" finish, which has a metallic flake, rather than being a flat silver finish. I am very pleased with the result, the wheels look great. However, when the sun shines on them, they look fantastic with the metallic flakes sparkling in the sun like glitter. The refurbishment was carried out by Wheel Works UK in Crawley, West Sussex. They also did a spare centre cap free of charge. My thanks goes to Salazar from Prelude UK, who is a fellow Honda Prelude owner based in Camberley, Surrey, who let me borrow his spare set of 16" alloy wheels while mine were being refurbished.


04/2011 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (repair & respray) - Rust had developed in two areas by the off-side rear wheel arch, one area at the bottom and one area at the top. Additionally, the near-side corner of my front bumper was a little battered following someone driving into my unattended car while parked in Aldershot during 2008 and I accidently scraped it against a concrete pillar in a Brighton multi-storey car park during December 2010. This particular rust problem is common amongst Honda Preludes and the general consensus is that the rubber wheel arch liners / protectors exacerbate or even contribute towards the rust. However, up until now, I had kept them on as I preferred the look. Luckily, only one side of my car was affected. The work was carried out by Portslade Panelworks in Hove, East Sussex they agreed to cut out the rusty sections and weld in new metal, before painting. After giving it some thought, I thought it would be best to do without the rubber wheel arch liners so I asked them not to refit them and to paint some sort of protectant on the wheel arch lips instead. They have rubberised the wheel arch lips (on both sides of the car, above and below the lip). It's a thin layer of rubbery stuff which is transparent so you can see the paintwork beneath. I should make a note about preventing rust and those rubber wheel arch liners... They were both replaced with new ones during August 2009. At that time there was no rust visible. Before fitting the new ones, I stuck a strip of insulating tape along the edge of the wheel arch lip and folded it over (one half was above and the other half was below, if you get what I mean). It seems that I only did the passenger side (I can't remember why). The passenger side has no rust so didn't have the work carried out (apart from that rubbery protectant stuff painted on for prophylactic measures). The driver side which didn't have the strip of insulating tape along the lip did rust. Maybe this was just coincidental? But I reckon that the insulating tape sealed the gaps between the double skin spot welds and prevented the rust. I washed my car the following day after collection and discovered some problems:
  • Off-side side skirt not fitted correctly and one of its supports was bent.
  • Rear bumper not fitted correctly.
  • Both side skirts were missing home-made spacers.
I resolved these minor problems myself.
Front bumper (repair & respray) -
Materials & labour £810.36
05/2011 Rear bumper (realign) - The rear bumper was sitting a tad too low, creating a small gap. This had been gradual over time and was more noticeable at the sides. My father and I removed the rear bumper and raised the rear bumper support beam by elongating the bolt holes before refitting. Furthermore, we fitted two bolts to the centre part where it is in close proximity to the rear boot wall, which should keep it in position, taking some of the strain off of the rear bumper support beam's legs.
06/2011 Alloy wheel centre cap (respray) £10.00 The silver painted ring surrounding the Honda logo badge was not refurbished and was looking a little tatty by 2011. During June 2001 after two failed attempts to satisfactorily repaint them myself (first attempt was Ruby Red Pearl and the second attempt was silver), I gave up and stripped them down to the bare plastic. The finished results looks quite good in contrast to the black background of the Honda logo badges. During this process, after accidently removing some of the paint from one of the alloy wheel centre caps with masking tape, Wheel Works UK repainted it for me.
07/2011 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (repair & respray) - Unfortunately the worked carried out during April was not completed correctly. Subsequently my car's off-side rear wheel arch suffered a recurrence of rust at the top. This was resolved by Portslade Panelworks under warranty so at no cost to myself. This time, a wider area was cut out and new metal welded in before being resprayed. At the same time, the cracked near-side side skirt was repaired & resprayed and the rear skirt was stripped & resprayed (for the third time). The near-side side skirt was already cracked when I purchased the Motegi bodykit during November 2004 and was repaired when it was resprayed in August 2005. However, the two cracks slowly reappeared and were getting worse over the last year or so. The rear skirt received a substandard repaint during April 2009. I specifically asked Customize Bodyworkz in Crawley to strip the rear skirt down to the bare plastic before repainting it. Obviously they ignored this as once again, the paint / primer had not bonded to the original Iceberg Silver Metallic paint correctly and had cracked in a few places revealing the original paint. After collection of my car from Portslade Panelworks, yet more problems were later discovered:
  • Presumed overspray on off-side rear suspension spring, wishbone arm, exhaust tail pipe and elsewhere.
  • Paint match on the side and rear skirt weren't very good.
  • Rear skirt not fitted correctly, leaving a gap between the skirt and bumper.
  • Rear bumper not fitted correctly.
  • Off-side rear alloy wheel centre cap not refitted correctly.
  • One of the rear bumper plastic clips was replaced with a bolt / screw.
  • One of the near-side side skirt's plastic clips was replaced with an alternative.
  • Two of the rear skirt's plastic clips were refitted upside down.
Near-side side skirt (repair & respray) -
Rear skirt (respray) -
Materials & labour £397.68
07/2011 Near-side wing mirror casing (replacement) £40.00 During the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011, some sort of corrosive fluid had come into contact with my car's near-side wing mirror casing, presumably while parked unattended. A couple of patches of lacquer had been eaten away, leaving bare paint exposed. I sourced a replacement near-side wing mirror unit through eBay from a 1998 2.0 litre Ruby Red Pearl Honda Prelude. I replaced the casing only as my car's mirrors are heated and the replacement wasn't. The rest of the replacement part along with my original casing, making it a whole unit once more, was sold for £15.00 during November 2011, including P&P, to Prelude_H22 from Prelude UK, who also owns a Ruby Red Pearl Honda Prelude 2.2VTi.
08/2011 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (repair & respray) - Two weeks after collecting my car from Portslade Panelworks, the rust had returned to the same area. Obviously, I was very disappointed. Again, they repaired it under warranty so at no cost to myself. When I went to collect the car two days later, I saw that their quality work was not up to standard, to put it politely. The straight line of the rear off-side panel which goes up against the straight line of the top edge at the side of the rear bumper was very wonky so I returned the following day after further remedial work was carried out. As usual, more minor problems were later discovered:
  • Presumed overspray on rear bumper, inside off-side door frame, off-side side skirt, boot lid, rear number plate, rear window, near-side rear wheel arch panel, off-side door, both off-side windows and the off-side side skirt.
  • One of the rear skirt's plastic clips was refitted upside down and the other was missing.


01/2012 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (respray) - During November 2011, a minibus drove into the side of my car, causing superficial damage to the rear off-side of my car. Both the rear bumper and rear wheel arch panel were damaged and I chose Crawley Down Group to carry out the repairs paid through insurance, although I had to pay the insurance claim excess. I collected my repaired car on 12/01/2012 at 17:00 (when dark). I was given the opportunity to inspect their work in one of their lit garages, but I declined, foolishly having faith in their work. When I got in the car, I noted that they had knocked off my car's steering wheel mounted stereo remote control and placed it in the centre console (was originally glued to the air bag casing on the opposite side to the cruise control buttons). It would have at least been professional for them to admit to it and apologise. Later on, I noticed problems:
  • Large lacquer drip between the PRELUDE lettering on the rear bumper.
  • A lot of the lacquer has been removed from the top edge of the rear number plate recess.
  • Cracked off-side rear fog light lens.
  • A patch of red paint on the off-side rear alloy wheel.
  • The rubber grommet that the off-side rear fog light cable goes through into the boot was not refitted so there was a hole in my boot.
  • Two of the black plastic trim clips which secure the rear skirt to the arms coming off the bottom of the boot where refitted upside down.
  • Two of the black plastic trim clips which secure the rear skirt were missing.
I believe the number plate recess lacquer damage was done using an orbital buffer and the rear fog light lens was damaged by over tightening the screws.

This initially cost me £350.00 being the insurance excess, but was later reclaimed during October 2012 when I won the case against the guilty driver.

Rear bumper (respray) -
01/2012 Rear bumper (respray) - I took by car back to Crawley Down Group on 16/01/2012. Shockingly, they disputed my claims saying that my car was already like that when they got it! I explained that I've owned my car for over 6 years and I generally wash it every 2 weeks, so I have a very intimate knowledge of my car's bodywork. I had no choice but to report the matter to my insurance company the next morning. On 30/11/2011, before my car was booked in for repairs, the insurance company sent an independent assessor to inspect my car. On 18/01/2012, they sent the same person again to inspect the new damage. He reported back to the insurance company, agreeing with my assertions, but Crawley Down Group were still in denial. My insurance company came to a compromise whereby they would pay for parts (replacement rear bumper PRELUDE lettering & fog light) and Crawley Down Group would supply materials & labour. I explained that due to their poor workmanship and diabolical attitude, there is no way I could trust them with my car again, however, they can have the rear bumper (with rear number plate recess) and damaged off-side rear fog light only. When I contacted Crawley Down Group to book in my rear bumper they said it should be ready the following day. My Dad dropped off my rear bumper on my behalf (I couldn't face them again without losing my temper) on the morning of 30/01/2012. Disappointingly, the parts were not ready for collection until 02/02/2012. In their favour, it had been repaired to a satisfactory standard this time.
Rear number plate recess (respray) -
Off-side rear fog light lens (replacement) -
04/2012 Rear number plate recess (realign) - The top centre of the ear number plate recess was sagging. This is not an unknown problem with 5th generation Honda Preludes. To resolve it, my father and I removed the rear number plate recess, filled the groove that the rear bumper slots into with silicone sealant, refitted it and temporarily held it in position with duct tape while the silicone sealant set. Years later, I learnt this is caused by either incorrect or missing trim clips which hold thee top in position, mine must have been incorrect.


05/2013 VTEC 2.2VTi boot lid badge (replacement) £13.95 + £1.95 P&P Over the years, patches of the black paint had flaked off the badge causing me to have to touch up the bare patches with gloss black enamel paint. After time, it was looking less than satisfactory. I was able to source a new boot lid badge through eBay during February 2013. The Honda part number is 75731-S30-G10 and the 2013 price from Honda was £37.96.


05/2014 Rear skirt (respray) £80.00 During November 2012, the rear skirt was damaged on the southbound carriageway of the M23 by a stray hub cap. The off-side near wheel flipped up the hub cap which subsequently damaged the paint revealing the original Iceberg Silver Metallic paint beneath. This was disappointing because this would now be the fourth time it would be repainted. It was initially painted Ruby Red Pearl during August 2005 shortly after I purchased the car because the rear skirt was originally Iceberg Silver Metallic. Due to paint blistering, it was repainted during April 2009 & July 2011 and on both occasions I specifically asked both bodyshops to strip the rear skirt down to the bare plastic before painting. Both bodyshops ignored this request as the original Iceberg Silver Metallic was still present beneath. My father & I painstakingly stripped the rear skirt down to the bare plastic before handing it over to Spray-Tech in Crawley, West Sussex, for it to be painted Ruby Red Pearl (R504P).


08/2015 Front bumper (respray) £100.00 From around October 2014, a few patches of lacquer had flaked off the top surface of the front bumper's off-side corner. I suspected a cleaning chemical I had used in the engine bay had dripped on it. Alternatively it was suggested it was due to a previous poor quality respray (April 2011). Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, a few days before this repair was scheduled, a white Toyota RAV4 (YP62 MHM) carelessly reversed into my unattended parked car causing minor damage to the same corner. The front bumper received a partial respray outside my home in Horley by MAG Smart Auto Repairs.


01/2016 17" alloy wheel (replacement) £50.00 During the previous one or two times when the tires had been replaced, it was noted that the inside of one of my alloy wheels was buckled, but it didn't seem to be causing a problem. Following a front to rear / rear to front tire rotation during December 2015, I noticed a thudding coming from the front near-side wheel which wasn't noticeable when it was fitted on the rear. I had the wheels rebalanced a couple of times to no avail so decided to replace the alloy wheel. A new 17" alloy wheel from Honda would cost £238.29 and according to a Honda dealer's website, they were no longer available. I sourced a used one through eBay removed from a Honda Accord Type-R located in Wales. During January 2016, Wheel Works UK / Wicked Wheels carried out refurbishment to match my other wheels which were refurbished by them back in 2010. Frustratingly, the thudding was still present, therefore there must be a slight defect in the tire which was not visible. I kept the old allow wheel as a spare.
Repair & powdercoat £72.00
Centre cap (respray) £6.00
08/2016 17" alloy wheel (repair) £48.00 The alloy wheel which was refurbished during January 2016 didn't perfectly match the rest which were refurbished during May 2010. The shade and finish were good, however the metallic content wasn't on par with the others. This wasn't noticeable to most people, but it was to myself when up close. For my birthday present, my dad paid for the old wheel which was buckled to be straightened out. Wheel Works UK / Wicked Wheels carried this out for £48.00 during August 2016 and the wheel was fitted while having new tyres fitted during December 2016.


04/2017 Off-side rear wheel arch panel (replacement) £110.00 + £30.00 P&P Following the poor repair carried out by Portslade Panelworks during April 2011, rust recurred at the top of the wheel arch during April 2012 and at the bottom the following month. In preparation for the repair, I purchased an aftermarket rear wheel arch panel / rear wing from a Lude Generation member during July 2012. After the rust had finally penetrated the paint during December 2016, I decided to get it repaired again. This repair took 4 days at Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey. Apparently, no rust treatment was applied to the previous repair, hence the recurrence. The old rusty repair sections which were cut out were handed back to me and it was obvious the hidden rust was a lot worse inside.
Materials & labour £780.00
05/2017 Window scraper seals / door moulding assemblies £8.99 Common with other 5th generation Honda Preludes, the rubber on the side window scraper seals / door moulding assemblies was perishing, so much so that the metal underneath was becoming visible. I considered stripping them and spraying them black but decided to use vinyl wrap instead. Some owners simply stick the vinyl wrap on the seals with them left in-situ. For longevity and aesthetics, I decided to remove mine and wrap the wrap around them. During October 2016 I sourced a pair of side window scraper seals along with a number of their securing clips from a breaking 2000 Honda Prelude 2.0 located at Pevensey Bay. Unfortunately, afterwards I noticed there was damage to a section of the off-side seal so decided not to use that one. During May 2015 I purchased 1.5m x 0.30m of black satin vinyl wrap through eBay for £8.99. I removed the off-side seal and wrapped it with the black satin vinyl wrap before refitting. Three weeks later, I swapped over the near-side seal with the spare one which I had already wrapped in preparation. As the clips have a tendency to break when removed, I purchased a set of 15 through eBay for £2.81. However, I had enough spare from the breaking Honda Prelude so did not need to use any of the newly purchased clips. The Honda part numbers for the seals are 72410-S30-003 (off-side) & 72450-S30-003 (near side) and they would cost £112.10 each if purchased new from Honda as of June 2017. The Honda part number for a clip is 91527-SZ3-003 and they would cost £3.67 each from Honda.
07/2017 Bonnet (repair & respray) £180.00 A part of a roof tile had fallen off the block of flats where I lived causing a dent near the centre of my car's bonnet with associated paint damage. Also, about an inch of paint damage to the off-side rear wheel arch panel / rear wing had appeared, caused by what I assume was careless opening of a car door next to my car. Both areas of damage were repaired at Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey during July 2017. The bonnet repair, along with the respray of both front wings, cost £384, however I was later reimbursed by the company which manages the block of flats. Subsequently, these repairs only cost me £180 for the off-side rear wheel arch panel / rear wing repair.
Off-side rear wheel arch panel (respray) -


11/2019 Front bumper (repair & respray) - During October 2019, I scuffed the near-side corner of the front bumper while parking next to a wall at my old flat and less than 3 weeks later, I reversed into a neighbour's Volkswagen Polo on the day I was moving out of that address. This cracked the rear bumper, shattered the off-side taillight which in turn damaged the off-side rear wheel arch panel. A used replacement rear bumper complete with rear fog light was purchased from a breaker's yard selling through eBay during October 2019 and a replacement off-side taillight complete with wiring loom & bulbs was purchased from a friend & Lude Generation member. Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey repaired my car during November 2019, this included respraying the near-side corner of the front bumper, respraying the off-side rear wheel arch panel, respraying the replacement rear bumper and fitting the additional near-side rear fog light from my old rear bumper. At my request, the rear spoiler / wing was also resprayed due to lacquer peel. Due to delamination, the rear number plate also had to be replaced. The spare rear fog light and number plate garnish from the replacement rear bumper were later both sold on eBay for £25.00 & £8.50 respectively.
Rear bumper (replacement) £100.00 + £5.00 P&P
Off-side taillight (replacement) £10.00
Off-side rear wheel arch panel (repair & respray) -
Rear spoiler (respray) -
Rear number plate (replacement) £18.00
Materials & labour £960.00
11/2019 Rear number plate (replacement) £10.00 + £5.10 P&P Due to the rear number plate being replaced (above) with a standard fit number plate, rather than a show-plate, I replaced it with a show-plate which does not have the extra information along the bottom, including the name of the company who made it. The was purchased from a friend working at APJ (UK) Ltd during November 2019.
12/2019 Rear bumper support beam (replacement) £63.74 The fitting of the rear bumper did not look quite right. After removing it to have a look during December 2019, I saw that the rear bumper support beam looked damaged so I purchased a replacement from Honda. An off-side rear bumper clip was also replaced. The Honda part number for the rear bumper support beam is 71540-S30-000ZZ and the Honda part number for off-side rear bumper clip is 91501-SW5-003. The rear bumper beam was given a coat of Bilt Hamber Dynax-UB (anti-corrosion wax / underseal) before fitting.
Off-side rear bumper clip (replacement) £4.13


06/2020 Near-side door (respray) - The top edge of the near-side door, by the window scraper seal, was suffering from lacquer peel and the off-side side skirt was looking tatty with various areas of wear & tear. Both were resprayed. Also, the rear bumper was realigned as wasn't looking quite right following last year's damage then subsequent repair and a blemish on the off-side C-pillar was polished out. Work completed by Ian Taylor Body Repairs in Horley, Surrey.
Off-side side skirt (respray) -
Rear bumper (realign) -
Materials & labour £480.00
07/2020 Off-side side skirt (respray) - A slowly growing paint defect had developed on the off-side side skirt. The part was returned to Ian Taylor Body Repairs who stripped and resprayed the part at no charge.
11/2020 Taillight gaskets £25.89 I had noticed water inside the boot, under the boot floor, around the spare wheel. After removing the rear bumper and hosing down the rear end of the car, I could see roughly where it was getting in. I wondered if the taillight gaskets were leaking as these are commonly suggested by other Prelude owners. Although dubious regarding whether they were definitely at fault, as they are simple to replace, I ordered a pair of after-market taillight gaskets from Poland through eBay for less than half the cost for original parts from Honda at £55.56 (33503-S30-003). The water leak persisted so my suspicions that the gaskets were OK was correct leading me to suspect it's the boot lid weather strip.


03/2021 Near-side rear wheel arch panel (respray) £120.00 The top edge of the near-side rear wheel arch panel underneath the side window was suffering from lacquer peel. This area was resprayed outside my home in Horley by MAG Smart Auto Repairs who I had previously used back in August 2015.
07/2021 Boot leak (repair) - Water was coming in to the boot through a small gap between the internal metal panels / skins which must have entered through gaps where the panel / skins join underneath the boot lid weatherstrip / seal. After removing the weatherstrip, unsurprisingly there was some surface rust scattered around - this was likely the first time it had ever been removed. Over a 5 or 6 day period, I rubbed down the rusted areas with sandpaper, applied Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 to convert the rust, applied U-POL Acid #8 1K Etch Primer, applied Holts Ruby Red Pearl (R504P) paint, applied Hycote clear lacquer and sealed the gaps using U-POL Tiger Seal polyurethane sealant adhesive. Before refitting the cleaned out weatherstrip, I applied a coat of wax.
08/2021 Both rear bumper clips (replacement) £5.59 The near-side reat bumper clip was damaged after I accentally reversed into a wood fence. For good measure, I replaced both. While the rear bunper was off, I straightened the rear bumper support beam to reduce sagging at the ends. The Honda part number for the rear bumper clips is 91501-SW5-003.


03/2022 Near-side rear wheel arch panel (repair & respray) - A common problem with Honda Preludes are rusty rear wheel arches. I've had the off-side rear wheel arch repaired twice (April 2011 & April 2017), it had to be done a second time because the first time it wasn't carried out correctly. A small bubble of rust first became visible at the bottom of the near-side rear wheel arch during April 2017 which was suspiciously shortly after I received my car back after repairs to the off-side rear wheel arch. The rust was very slow to progress but had accelerated over about 12 months during 2021 so I decided to get it repaired. The rust had spread to an area on about an inch or so and looked unsightly, letting the car down. However, it had lasted very well considering the car was now over 22 years old. Unlike the previous off-side rear wheel arch repair which had rust in two areas, the near-side rear wheel arch was only suffering with rust in one area, at the bottom. In addition, a crack was slowly developing at the top edge of the near-side side skirt and bubbling was developing underneath the paint where I assume filler had been used during the previous repair. The skirt was already damaged when I purchased it second-hand during November 2004 for my previous 1997 Honda Prelude but never got fitted to that car. It was repaired and resprayed during August 2005 but signs of the previous damage were starting to reappear. I purchased replacement near-side side skirt from a seller in Slough during October 2021 for £100. In preparation for this repair, I removed the rear seats and near-side rear interior trim to give the bodyshop access to the inside of the wheel arch so rust protection could be applied post repair. This repair took a week at Sussex Coachworks in Horley, Surrey. The affected area was cut out and new metal welded in before being painted. The replacement side skirt was prepared and resprayed.
Near-side side skirt (respray) -
Near-side side skirt (replacement) £100.00
Materials & labour £900.00


03/2023 Off-side front wing / wheel arch panel (respray) - Rather strangely, the lacquer started bubbling on the top side of the off-side front wing around about November or December 2022, then the lacquer started flaking off shortly afterwards. There was no visible damage. The front bumper was in need of a respray. Lacquer on the near-side half of the top surface of the front bumper was cracking / crazing plus there was multiple stone chips on the front of the bumper, more so on the front lip. Obviously, the stone chips are a normal wear & tear aspect. Of note, the area of the front bumper affected by lacquer cracking / crazing was resprayed back in August 2015. Also, during July 2021, an elderly driver of a Ford Focus who wasn't a fan of using her rear-view mirrors, drove into the side of my car, causing a scrape on the near-side front bumper and a small area of damage to the off-side front wing, just above the top corner of the bumper. I made a successful insurance claim against her and was received £487. Additionally, both wing mirror casings were looking a little tired with some minor scrapes and lacquer flaking on top. This was all rectified by Sussex Coachworks in Horley, Surrey, over a period of one week. New plastic clips were fitted for the front grill. Before dropping my car off, I did most of the labour myself with regards to removing both wing mirrors by removing 3 of the 2 fixing bolts on both sides and disconnecting their plugs, which are obscured by the interior door panel / card.
Front bumper (respray) -
Front lip (respray) -
Both wing mirror casings (respray) -
Materials & labour £1,100.00
04/2023 Front number plate (replacement) £10.99 During the above work at Sussex Coachworks the number plate had to be removed in order for the number plate bracket to be removed from the front bumper, subsequently it sustained a couple of small areas of damage to the reflective backing due to it being stuck on with double sided trim tape. I purchased a replacement front number plate through eBay.
04/2023 Ruby Red Pearl (R504P) touch-up paint £6.99 When I purchased the car back in 2005, it was supplied with a Halfords Stone Chip and Scratch Repair System, which comprised of red primer, Honda Ruby Red pearlescent paint, clear lacquer, glass fibre preparation tool and a fabric buffer tool. After nearly 18 years, the 12.5ml of paint had ran out, so I purchased a replacement from Gift Plaques UK Ltd through eBay.
06/2023 Rear bumper (realign) £7.50 Ever since my accident during October 2019 and the subsequent repair during November 2019, the replacement rear bumper never did sit quite right, even after replacing rear bumper support beam during December 2019 and a repeat visit to the body repair shop during June 2020 where it seems not much was done regarding the rear bumper problem. Strangely, the problem seemed to be getting worse during 2023. When I removed the rear bumper, I could see that the off-side of it wasn't sitting on top of the rear bumper support beam correctly. The problem must have been caused by the rear of the boot wall being pushed in by about 1cm to 2cm from the impact, therefore when the rear bumper support beam was secured to it, it became distorted and no longer was in the correct position. To resolve this, I created a spacer. I purchased a 40cm long high density polyethylene rod of 3.5cm diameter through eBay for £7.50 including P&P. I sawed off about 1.5cm and drilled a hole through the centre. I removed the original captive bolt from the rear boot wall and fitted a longer bolt in its place. I then slid on the newly fabricated spacer before placing the off-side leg of rear bumper support beam on top and secured it using the original nut. I was extremely happy to see that this fix worked perfectly and the bumper was now located correctly.

While the rear bumper was off along with both taillights, I further investigated the ongoing boot leak. As this started following the accident, the leak must be from the area that was damaged. Inside the boot, below the off-side taillight, I could see spots of dried water. I had already replaced both taillight gaskets during November 2020, replacing them again would be a waste of time. I assumed the seating area of the off-side taillight must be slightly distorted from the impact so it is no longer completely flat. Perhaps a thicker gasket would be required to fill the any gap. In a bid the resolve this, I refitted the original gasket to the off-side taillight while keeping the after-market gasket already fitted, so two were now fitted in tandem, effectively making a thicker seal.
Boot leak (repair) -
10/2023 Boot leak (repair) £20.00 Unfortunately my previous attempt to resolve the ongoing boot leak was not successful. I was getting the impression that water was seeping up underneath the boot seal at the right hand side front corner. I purchased a used boot seal from a breaking Honda Prelude Type-S during September 2023. The Honda part number is 74865-S30-010 but they have been discontinued. After thoroughly cleaning up the replacement part, I fitted it to my car, but filled the internal groove with Gorilla clear silicone sealant. I did this along both sides and the front aspect (below rear view window), leaving the rear section alone. The reason I chose to do this to a replacement boot seal rather than my own was in case I wanted to reverse or undo the job for whatever reason later on. Scraping out the silicone sealant from within the boot seal groove wouldn't have been easy. After being parked during a heavy rainfall and also driving on very wet roads in the rain, the boot floor is now dry so should be fixed at last.