Todd's Wedding Meal With Marco, Claire & Phil Together In Electric Dreams Walk Home From Horley
Audi TT Duel Bolney Japanese Performance Car Show Italian Car Day Adele's Birthday Meal
Honda Prelude Body Kit Transfer To Crawley Hospital From East Surrey Hospital Brakes Upgrade Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Japanese Performance Sunday Local Attraction Chase Strip Dance Kos Holiday
Brighton Speed Trials F W Mays Honda Settlement Clinical Coding Team Meeting Sick Leave

Here are my 20 most memorable events of 2004:

Todd's Wedding (14th February):

Afraz & I went to Todd's wedding reception. He had got married in a registry office in the morning then friends and family congregated at a pub called "Goffs Manor" near Goffs Park in Crawley. I feel like I'm getting old now 'cos my friends are growing up and getting married. It will no longer feel right going out to night clubs with Todd as he won't be trying to chat up the girls. Click here to see a picture of Todd & Gina at their wedding reception. Afraz & I got there shortly before 12:00 and we left at about 14:00.

I had never been to a wedding reception before so wasn't aware what the typical dress code was on these occasions. I got it quite wrong and felt like a proper prat. I wore a blue Versace shirt with VJ logo printed on the back with "Versace Jeans Couture" in large text and wore beige pin stripe Mish Mash trousers. My clothes were better suited to clubbing rather than wedding receptions. People seemed to be looking at me, I was very embarrassed and stuck out like a sore thumb.

Todd & I planned to go out clubbing later in the evening. I phoned Todd at about 20:30 which woke him up. While at the pub, he had a little too much to drink and went to bed when he got home, so wasn't in a state to be able to go out. On the subsequent Saturday evening, I treated Todd & Gina by taking them both out for a meal. We went to Brighton and ate at Genghis Khan's Mongolian Barbecue.

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Meal With Marco, Claire & Phil (28th February):

I met up with Claire, Phil & Marco and had an afternoon meal at TGI Fridays in Crawley. The food was alright, but nothing special, there wasn't really anything on the menu which appealed to me. Marco had something which didn't agree with him 'cos he felt ill afterwards.

After the meal, I went to town with Claire & Phil then went to County Oak. When in Currys, we found amusement by casually setting the stereos on display to maximum volume while they were powered off or powered on but doing nothing. We didn't hang around long after that, but it would have been extremely amusing to see the effect of someone switching on one of the stereos afterwards. We got bored, so later on we went to Brighton and went on the Pier and had a Belgian Waffle each.

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Together In Electric Dreams (11th March):

On Thursday I received a double CD in the post which I purchased through eBay. I bid for it on the Tuesday during the same week and won the auction on the same day, I paid £8.80 for the item on Wednesday (including delivery) and received it on Thursday. Very good service. It is a compilation album released in 1995 called Electric Dreams. I bought it just for one song which I have been wanting for a long time. The track is called "Together In Electric Dreams" by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder which originally came out in 1985. The song is excellent, I love it. I have probably played it about 10,000 times since receiving it.

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Walk Home From Horley (14th April):

My car went into "The Paint Shop" in Horley for the boot lid to be sorted out. I set myself the challenge of having a slow walk home from Horley rather than using public transport. The whole walk was approximately 9 miles, including a walk around Crawley town centre on the way home. I left Massetts Road in Horley at about 08:45 and arrived home at about 12:40. I was quite pleased with myself as that is probably the longest walk I have ever done, but I found the walk along Balcombe Road a bit boring.

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Audi TT Duel (17th April):

I was driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly a dark green Audi TT Roadster was all over the back of my car. I was on the London Road (A23) dual carriageway, passing a vehicle after coming off the Lowfield Heath roundabout, heading towards Gatwick. I was probably going about 40-45 MPH. After passing the vehicle, I politely moved over and downshifted into second gear and let rip. At one point he did gain a few meters on me, probably somewhere between 60-75 MPH. From about 75 MPH onwards, I started to put distance between us. After the following roundabout, the dual carriageway becomes a 50 MPH zone. From there on, I didn't bother with him anymore as I had effectively proved my point. He followed me for a few seconds then moved over to pass. It had twin exhausts, so I assume that it was the 225 BHP model. This surprised me as I wouldn't have expected that I would have been able to loose him in a straight forward duel. I bet the driver must have been really disappointed!

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Bolney Japanese Performance Car Show (24th April):

After washing my car, I went to the annual Bolney Japanese Performance Car Show with my Dad. It was very sunny there and were lots of nice cars. I reckon the best car there was a red Honda NSX. There was only one other 5th generation Prelude there, which was a Japanese domestic market imported Honda Prelude SiR. I had a brief chat with the owner.

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Italian Car Day (2nd May):

This seems to be a regular event held at Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey. It was a pleasant sunny Sunday. Unsurprisingly, there were lots of Ferraris on show, including 308s, 348s, 360s, 456s, 550s, F355s, Testarossas and many more. There was even an F40 there, but no F50 or Enzo. Other manufacturer's cars were also on show including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lamborghini, Lancia and Maserati. For me, the best cars there were the Lamborghini Diablos (about 5 of 'em), Lamborghini Countachs, Ferrari Testarossas and the single Ferrari F40.

Throughout the day, there were three "Test Hill Run" events, where the cars had to accelerate up a rather steep hill. Some cars did well, some didn't. A very old racing car (probably about 1950s) dis very well, as did a red Lamborghini Diablo. There were some comical modern Fiats having a go, including Puntos, Cinquecentos and even a Multipla. The crowd laughed when the Multipla appeared at the bottom of the hill, but to be fair, it done surprisingly well. I think it had some sort of ECU tuning done to it. Some of the Puntos and Cinquecentos had after-market turbos fitted, but the tiny little engines in the Cinquecentos still struggled once they got into second gear. But I respect them for having a go.

Here are some photos which were taken on the day.

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Adele's Birthday Meal (8th May):

Adele's birthday party meal was at an Indian restaurant named Lal Akash in Reigate, Surrey. Before attending, I was with James & Rima in Horley and was engrossed with searching on the internet when I realised I was late. I quickly drove to Reigate, only to find out from Sarah that Adele were gonna be late anyway. Unfortunately, there weren't many hot bitches that interested me. I had a chicken korma curry with mushroom rice. Surprisingly, Nicky & I spoke to each other like polite civilised human beings, which was very unusual for us. Predictably, by the end of the night, Adele was rather pissed. After the meal, I gave Linda and her Daughter a lift to their home is Merstham. Adele and some others went on to The Embassy night club in Redhill, but I didn't feel like it so I went home instead.

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Honda Prelude Body Kit (5th June & 6th November):

This year, my long lasting search for the optional Honda Prelude factory body kit came to its end. I had been searching for the parts for a very long time. The body kit was produced by Honda as an optional extra, but supplied as standard on the Motegi special edition.

On Saturday 5th June, I purchased the first item, which was the front splitter / lip. It was on advertised on eBay with a current bid of £55, so 5 minutes before the auction ended, I put in a maximum bid £100. No one outbid me so I got it for £56 + £15 P&P. I was extremely pleased. The 2003 price from Honda was £186, so I got a bloody good bargain. It didn't come with the fittings, so I purchased them from a Honda dealer in Guildford. Due to the quality of their Parts Department, it wasn't a straight forward transaction. The front splitter was unpainted but primered, so I took it to The Paint Shop in Horley on Tuesday 29th June for it to be spray painted. On Friday 6th July, my Dad & I fitted the front splitter to my bumper. It was quite straight forward and bolted on easily but needed re-fitting at a later date as the double sided trim fixing tape wasn't placed properly on the sides and also wasn't strong enough. When it was finally re-fitted, it looked great.

On Saturday 6th November, I purchased the rear skirt, side skirts and also a replacement rear bumper from a Honda Revolutions member in Wembley. We agreed on a very reasonable price of £125, I would have been prepared to pay double that! And as a bonus, the parts were the same colour as my car. One of the side skirts was damaged, so needed to be repaired and re-sprayed, but I was happy with that. There were a couple of marks on the rear bumper, but it was in much better condition to my then current rear bumper which was a bit tatty where I persist in reversing into objects. I am happy with the condition of the rear bumper, so have no plans to get it re-sprayed.

My parents & I went to Wembley in my Dad's Volvo C70 and demonstrated that sports coupés are not impractical by securing the rear bumper with attached skirt to the roof, over a large wooden board (the car has detachable roof bars). Both side skirts went inside the car through the ski hatch in the rear seat. To onlookers, the car must have looked quite odd on the M25 while carrying a rear bumper on the roof. As with my car's original rear bumper, a hole was cut into it to accept an additional rear fog light to match the other fitted on the other side. It looks much better being symmetrical. The rear bumper had the standard "PRELUDE" lettering stuck on it, so they were promptly removed as it looks a bit horrid with them on.

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Transfer To Crawley Hospital From East Surrey Hospital (22nd June):

A new girl named Martha started her training as a Clinical Coder on Monday 21st June. Subsequently, as expected, there was not enough room for all of us in the same office, so I was shifted from East Surrey Hospital to Crawley Hospital on Tuesday 22nd June. It was planned that I would be there for approximately 1 month before someone else from Redhill would take my place. It was gonna be done on a rota basis, but that never happened. Instead, I was there until Friday 24th September. This pissed me off for a few reasons, including not being able to see the girl at East Surrey Hospital who I really fancied at the time. I was also missing out on the Jan vs Zena vs Stephen office arguments and the gossip too. As the main Clinical Coding office is at East Surrey Hospital, at times, us at Crawley Hospital do feel slightly left out of what's going on.

I later actually liked working in Crawley Hospital as it only took me about 5 minutes to drive there in the morning, compared to about 35 - 40 minutes to get to East Surrey Hospital, so I was saving a lot of money in petrol and was able to get up later in the mornings and arrive home earlier after work. I did less miles each week at Crawley than I did in one day when travelling to Redhill and back. Also, Crawley Hospital has a more relaxed atmosphere than East Surrey Hospital. By the time I was back at East Surrey Hospital, the girl who I fancied had left.

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Brakes Upgrade (27th June - 28th June & 4th July - 5th July):

My car's brake upgrade project was carried out over 4 days between Sunday 27th June and Monday 5th July. Getting all the parts wasn't as straight forward as I hoped. On Sunday 27th July, my Dad & I had the fun task of replacing my car's front brakes. It wasn't easy to remove original brake discs 'cos the small locating screws had seized up so needed drilling out and the discs themselves got stuck to the hub assembly, so took brute force to remove them. When the whole lot was removed, I cleaned up the shims, spring pads and retainers, put a new coat of red paint on the callipers then let them dry over night for re-fitting the following day.

The same process was carried out the following weekend, but with the rear brakes. The front discs are 3G 10-GR discs. These are ventilated Brembo blank discs with 10 grooves added to them. The rear discs are Nipparts solid blank discs. All discs are being clamped with EBC RedStuff Ceramic brake pads and the braking system is using Castrol Response Super Dot 4 synthetic hydraulic fluid (which is also what is being used for my clutch fluid). The brake components were all thoroughly cleaned up and the callipers given a fresh new coat of red paint. I also painted around the outside edges of the discs and the outside edge of the hub section with silver Hammerite paint to help prevent rust. Including delivery charges, the front discs cost £119.00, the rear discs cost £116.54 and the pads cost £100.48. I had been given a 30% discount on the brake pads, which came to £32.58, due to having difficulties sourcing the pads through a local retailer, probably as they were very new at the time.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction (29th June):

Up until the day, the thought of the operation hadn't really bothered me much, but I did start to get apprehensive on the day. My Dad took the day off work to be my transport. I arrived at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead before 12:30 then had a pre-op check-up and put on a hospital gown. Both the surgeon and anaesthetist spoke to me before the operation and were asking me questions about my past medical history and explained about the possible post-op complications. I had to sign a consent form. I see these forms everyday at work and now it was the first time I had signed one myself. I was to have both top and one bottom wisdom teeth extracted. After waiting for over 4 hours in the waiting room, I probably finally got into theatre at about 17:00.

I was talking to the surgeon, anaesthetist and a nurse and I explained that I was a Clinical Coder for the Surrey & Sussex Healthcare Trust. Surprisingly, the surgeon was instantly able to give me the OPCS-4 code for my operation, which was F09.1 (surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth). OPCS-4 codes are used in Clinical Coding for operations / medical interventions along with ICD-10 codes for the illnesses. A tube was inserted into the back of my hand to administer the general anaesthetic and sensor thingies were stuck on my chest for monitoring. When the anaesthetist explained that I will shortly fall asleep I decided to close my eyes as I didn't want the anaesthetic to knock me out while my eyes were left open. After about 10 -15 seconds I suddenly felt a falling sensation in the back of my head. I could then hear talking and I was aware of my bed being wheeled away. I was worried that the anaesthetic wasn't working so I asked the nurse what was happening and when the operation was gonna start (in a slurred voice). She explained to me that it had already been done!

My bed was placed in a recovery cubicle at about 18:00 which is where I stayed for about an hour while I was coming around from the general anaesthetic. I could feel that my mouth was hurting even though they had injected me with local anaesthetic. I was given orange juice and a small vanilla ice cream. Later, it was explained to me that I will feel worse before I get better! Marvellous, not! I was given 4 lots of medications to take - Chlorhexidine Gluconate (mouthwash), Co-Amoxiclav (anti-biotic), Diclofenac Sodium (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) and Kapake (analgesic / painkiller). I felt a bit drowsy the following day and didn't really do much, but I didn't feel too bad and there wasn't a lot of pain. The left side of my mouth was bruised and swollen and I had trouble opening my mouth which made eating difficult, so I was on chicken soup for a few days.

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Japanese Performance Sunday (11th July):

My friend Simon & I went to the annual Japanese Performance Sunday car show held at Hickstead Showground, West Sussex. I was looking forward to this event for a long time. Simon is the nine year old Son of one of my next door neighbours, Joy Williams. Simon & I are always talking about cars and Formula One racing. Simon is cool. The show was £5 entry per person, but Simon didn't mind hiding in my car's boot when we got there so he got in free.

I had my car on display between an old Honda CRX and a Mitsubishi FTO. Here is a photo of my car on show. Unfortunately the weather this year was a bit shit, whereas last year I got slightly sun burnt. My Honda Prelude was the only 5th generation Honda Prelude there, which pleased me. A silver 4th generation Honda Prelude arrived wearing "spinners" and Simon cut one of his fingers while spinning them so my car's first aid kit was used for the first time. I hardly spoke to anyone this year, when the previous year I chatted with a few Honda owners of the Honda Revolutions club which I am a member of. This year's event was not as enjoyable as the previous years event.

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Local Attraction Chase (31st July):

Me, James & Rima went to a local attraction on a warm Saturday afternoon. In our opinion, admission to the place was too expensive, but that didn't stop us. We went there primarily for the large maze. We found a secret way in through bushes at the back of the maze. We wandered round the maze like headless chickens for about half an hour, as you do. We stopped on a bridge in the middle of the maze which gives a good view of the layout of the maze.

A few minutes later, a female member of staff came up to us and asked us for our entrance tickets. James done the talking, I was absolutely clueless on what to say and could see no way whatsoever how we would get out of this in our favour. He came out with some spiel explaining that we did pay then parked our car at the back of the maze but left the tickets in there. She pointed out that the area where we said we parked, is not a public parking area. James said we should all go to the car to show her our entry tickets, which she agreed. While wondering around the maze, trying to find the area where we got in, I had the feeling of doom inside me, I really didn't know what to do. The staff member seemed a bit lost, like we were, so decided we should take the direct route through the bushes. Rima & I gradually tailed off behind, while the staff member went on ahead. When we had a bit of distance between us and the staff member, me, James & Rima took a different route to loose her. When we got out in the open, surprisingly, the staff member was no where to be seen. We started walking towards the main road and contemplated running instead. We agreed that it would be in our favour so sprinted as fast as we could (well I did anyway as I wasn't running for the fun of it).

When we got around the corner of the maze where we should be out of site, we stopped to rest and hid in the border bushes. I suggested we should stay there for a couple of hours before leaving, but Rima suggested we should go as soon as possible, but James decided to stay. I was worried they would find us using dogs. Rima & I started walking back to the car, but after a minute, we decided running would be safer, so we did so. We climbed over a gate and continued to run along a road. After a minute of so, we heard a man behind us shout "Oi, come back here"! He was running after us, so this encouraged Rima & I to run even faster. Adrenalin was pumping. Rima & I quickly got in my car and people getting out of the car next to us were watching us 'cos they could tell something wasn't right. Just as I started the engine, we saw the man running along the road on the other side of the bushes in front of my car. I promptly drove off and felt quite hot and out of breath due to the run, so put the air conditioning on full blast.

Rima & I were worried about James, wondering how we would find him. When driving past the gate we climbed over, we saw a quad bike on the other side, which made us realise that we made the right decision in running when we did. If we continued to walk instead of running, we would have been caught. Luckily, James was waiting for us by the entrance to the road where we gained access to the maze. The day was one of the most exhilarating days I have had for a long time and would have actually paid the entrance fee just for the excitement of what happened.

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Strip Dance (7th August):

Out the back of James's home in Horley, there is a concealed concreted area. James & Rima were experimenting with their digital cameras, which also have the ability to record video. Rima recorded James & I having a sparring match. Afterwards, James was recording Rima dancing who then started stripping off her clothes to the music. I quickly joined in, but only stripped down to my boxer shorts, whereas Rima went all the way. It was very funny watching it being played back on James's PC afterwards.

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Kos Holiday (18th August - 1st September):

Me, James & Rima spent 15 days on the Greek island of Kos. We shared a room for 3 which included a bathroom and balcony. The weather was fantastic and we all had a great time. Our hotel in Kardamena was a bit shit, the quality of the room was a bit crap and the staff weren't very welcoming. But, this didn't spoil the holiday and I wasn't expecting luxury anyway. Throughout the holiday it was very hot and sunny so I tried to stay out of the sun. In the summer of 1998, I went to Ibiza and got very sun burnt, so I have learnt my lesson. The food in Kos was great and the night life was just how we liked it, we spent our nights drinking in various bars. The best bar which we frequently went to was called "Adam's Bar"! Rima took a liking to bingo. It was Rima's first time playing bingo and probably mine too. I enjoyed the cocktails, especially a cocktail called Orgasm. On one occasion when we were all drinking Orgasms, James pointed out that we were having multiple Orgasms. Most bars tarted up the drinks with decorations such as colourful stirrers, umbrellas and sparklers. It was my first time drinking for two and a half years (I had previously quit), so it was cheap getting drunk, but I still wasn't too fond of the taste of alcohol.

On the first night, we went out to the beach by the hotel and sat on sun beds while drinking and eating snacks. A member of hotel staff spotted us and shouted out from the hotel asking us to leave. We were asked to leave a few times, but we didn't. Us, being ourselves, don't follow orders so stayed there until we got bored and tired.

On two occasions, James unintentionally tortured me by taking us on a very long walk. The first one on 19/08 was painful, as it was very hot and I was wearing uncomfortable sandals. We walked quite a distance out of town out into nowhere, under the blazing sun. There was no one around, it was quiet and there was a great view around us. I was extremely relieved when we found a bar and had some drinks, but had the nasty realisation in my mind that I had to do the whole walk again to get back to the hotel. Bum.

On 22/08, we went on an excursion to Kos Town, where I bought a fantastic colourful yellow and blue hat. I called it my 'happy hat', some people might view it as a bit gay / camp, but I like it. James, once again put me through immense torture by taking us on a long walk.

The next day, we went on a boat cruise which stopped off at Bubble Beach. I have never seen anything like it. The water was calm, crystal clear and bubbles can clearly be seen coming up from the sea bed. The beach was excellent. Later on, our boat stopped out in the sea and allowed passengers to dive off the top of the boat (which was probably as high as a double decker bus). Me, James & Rima joined in.

On the night of 24/08, I got too drunk. As I was very drunk, I had the courage to attempt to chat up some girls and got talking to some holiday reps who were walking by the bar which we were sitting at. When walking back to the hotel, I chatted to another couple of girls, but they were under the impression that I was an alcoholic. When back at the hotel, I was sick out of our bathroom window and my vomit could be seen down the white wall outside the hotel, which I was proud of. I left my mark on the place.

On 26/08, we went to "Therma". This is a place where very hot spring water comes out of a mountain. It flows into the sea into an area circled with rocks where people can sit and enjoy it like a hot bath. This was a totally new experience to me. The only bad thing about it is that the places stinks of sulphur from the hot water.

We spent half of 27/08 on an excursion to a water park. The place had numerous slides, pools and a man made flowing river with large inflatable rings in. One good point about the place was that the queues were very short. James took some fantastic photos and videos with his digital camera of us coming off the water slides. They really did capture the moment. Personally, the only down side to the day for me was that my feet started to hurt due to walking around the place bare footed for many hours.

The following day (my birthday), we continued the water theme by hiring a pedal boat. James & I took some very good photos and videos of us jumping off the boat into the sea.

During the night of 29/08, James had too much to drink and during the late hours of the night, he was sick in our hotel. When I was sick earlier during the holiday, I done it out of the bathroom window. James done it in our shower instead! Here is a rather sick photo (excuse the pun) of the incident. He made a good recovery the following day.

On our penultimate day in Kos, we went back to Bubble Beach, and this time got into an argument with the people who were in charge of the sun beds. The sun beds were too expensive, so we didn't bother. Instead, we laid near one of them, under the shade of one of the umbrellas. They weren't happy with this, so we accepted this and moved by the water in front of the sun beds. They still expected us to pay for where we were sitting! We refused and explained that we are not using their sun beds and they cannot charge us for using the beach as they do not own it. The argument got very heated and there was a bit of shouting. We were on the verge of getting into a fight, but we stood our ground and they backed down. They even gave us a free sun bed on the back row of the beach just to get us away from the front. Rima accepted, but James & I stayed where we were just to be stubborn.

We arrived back in the UK during the early hours of 02/09. Over the course of the holiday, between us, we took a little under 400 photos, but a lot of them were of Rima sharing her affection with dogs.

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Brighton Speed Trials (11th September):

My Dad & I arrived late which pissed me off, but we didn't know what time the event started and we had no contact telephone numbers to find out. We arrived at about 12:00, but I think the event started at about 09:00.

There were some really flashy cars at the speed trials - Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Lamborghini Murcielago, Dodge Viper, lots of Ford GT40s and many more. Rather disappointingly, the F40 wasn't quick, it was relatively slow compared with the opposition. The fastest run it managed was 12.88 seconds @ 117 MPH, but it did make the best noise. The F50 was slightly quicker with a 12.42 @ 109 MPH. I had the impression that the drivers of the F40 and F50 weren't really exploding off the line, they seemed to be taking too much care of the clutch. The fastest cars were an Allard J2 (10.20 @ 140 MPH), Ford Puma Xtrac 4x4 (10.22 @ 141 MPH) and a Metro 6R4 (10.47 @ 131 MPH).

The Ford Puma Xtrac 4x4 was there last year and again was fucking rapid. It is stripped out, made of carbon fibre, 4 wheel drive, has a 2.2 litre turbo charged engine and some sort of super traction control system. The Metro 6R4 was doing almost identical times. It is the first time I had seen one, I have only seen and read about them in books. It pissed me off that the Metro pissed over the F40, F50 and Murcielago. That is so fucked up! But, it was a little rocket.

One car I really liked was the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, which done the quarter mile in 10.64 seconds @ 128 MPH. It was astonishing seeing the large car launch off of the line. But, with a claimed 800 BHP+, it was entitled to be ballistic. A Chevrolet Corvette done its final run with a 16.5 @ 90 MPH. My Honda Prelude 2.2VTi should beat that time. The fastest entrants were various Suzuki motorbikes completing the quarter mile in the 9s, and I think one done it in less than 9 seconds.

At the event, there are no seats. The crowds have to stand along a walkway, above Maderia Drive which goes along the sea front. I must have been standing in an awkward position as when leaving, I couldn't walk properly. I wasn't in much pain, but I couldn't help stamping my feet while walking along. I was like that for a few days. It was probably related to the calf muscle or tendons or something.

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F W Mays Honda Settlement (4th October):

This had been an ongoing saga since November 2003. It was a dispute between myself and a Honda dealer based in Redhill, Surrey (F W Mays Honda). Here is an overview:

13/11/03 Car running perfectly.
14/11/03 60,000 service. Car now making an odd noise which is suspect to be belt related.
08/12/03 F W Mays couldn't hear the noise as it was intermittent.
22/03/04 F W Mays acknowledge a fault and order in a part to resolve it.
07/04/04 Part fitted, noise still present and I am charged £270.38 for the pleasure.
08/04/04 F W Mays, once again, acknowledge that it needs further investigation.
13/04/04 After investigation, F W Mays give up and request a Honda representative.
17/05/04 I am told that due to the year of my car, no further investigation will be carried out and I am not entitled to a refund.

So, to summarise, they caused a fault with my car while carrying out its 60,000 miles service, they charged me £270.38 to fix it, that repair didn't fix it then they refused to refund me the £270.38. After numerous letters between me, Honda UK and F W Mays, we reached a satisfactory resolution. I gave F W Mays the options of either - 1) refund my £270.38, 2) give me £270.38 worth of Honda parts, or 3) I'll take 'em to court and also claim interest and costs. Predictably, they went for the second option, which I was happy with. I was extremely relieved that this was coming to an end as it was really pissing me off. I was absolutely disgusted over the way I was being treated, it was sickening. After we reached the agreed resolution, they still persisted in pissing me around. It took them 5 weeks to actually order the correct parts, but once they were ordered, I collected the parts within the week. I plan to devote a whole web site on my dealings with F W Mays, detailing my dealings with them between May 2002 to October 2004. Watch this space.

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Clinical Coding Team Meeting (30th November):

The Clinical Coding staff from all three sites gathered at East Surrey Hospital for a meeting. These happen occasionally, but this was the best meeting I have ever attended. It was extremely heated with shouting and banging fists on tables. People were getting very angry and tempers flared. I found it quite exciting. The displeasure was aimed towards our Project Manager and he must have been quite shocked about what was happening as he previosuly hadn't seen us reacting like we did on the day. I asked a couple of questions and I had to repeat my second question three times before I got a straight answer. The answer was what I expected anyway, I just wanted management to admit the fact. I also pointed out that we are having to "fiddle figures", to which I got no reply. The meeting was scheduled to last 1 hour, but we didn't even get to complete the meeting fully after over 2 hours.

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Sick Leave (3rd December - 10th December):

This was my first unplanned sick leave since starting work for the NHS. Being ill with a chest infection can't really be described as a good thing or a fun time. But, I needed the rest. It made a change for me to be ill instead of me dealing with the medical records of ill patients.

While at work on Thursday 02/12, I started to feel unwell, especially very tired. I blamed it on Sarah and claimed that she bored me. When I got home that evening, I went to bed at about 18:40. I dropped off to sleep very quickly and I slept for just under 19 hours! After waking up at about 13:30, I watched TV for 2 hours before going back to sleep for a further 2 and a half hours and I still felt like shit afterwards. I felt hot, cold, tired, weak, spaced out, had generalised aches & pains, headache, neck pain, chest discomfort when breathing and slightly fuzzy vision. A productive cough was the symptom which carried on the longest.

After having Monday & Tuesday off work as sick leave the following week, I decided to go to the doctors on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, the doctor diagnosed me as having a chest infection, or as us Clinical Coders would call it - J22. This was causing a low blood oxygen level which probably accounted for me nearly passing out on a couple of occasions. The first time it happened, I had to lie down on the bathroom floor for 5 minutes as I was about to collapse. I was prescribed anti-biotics and Paracetamol. Sleeping at night was not easy because when I was laying down, it would exacerbate my breathing problems with the productive cough. On a few occasions I had to get up out of bed to sit downstairs for a rest from bed, which sounds odd.

I had six days off as sick leave in total and I also had the following week off work as annual leave which I had previously scheduled. I was still quite unwell during my annual leave, but not as bad as the previous week. I still wasn't 100% when I returned to work on 20/12 and people said I looked quite pale. Apparently, I did loose a bit of weight while I was unwell, so maybe I should do it more often.

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