The items in red were confirmed faulty, the items in green were not confirmed as faulty and the items in blue were uncertain as to whether they were faulty or not.

10/2005 Power steering pump £501.03 +
£108.69 labour
The PAS pump started to fail, characterised by a loud noise coming from the engine bay, which increased with engine speed. I was relieved to be told that it was only the PAS pump at fault as the noise coming from the engine bay made it sound like the engine was at fault. The PAS pump, belt & gasket cost £501.03, the labour charge was £108.69 and PAS fluid cost £6.15.
12/2006 Heated mirrors button £3.00 The button was temperamental when I first got the car. I disassembled the part and discovered that the microswitch was a bit tired. It would only work if the button was held down. I got a replacement part second hand through eBay which was originally from either a Honda Civic Aerodeck or Honda Accord Aerodeck. The part cost just £3.00 + £2.00 P&P. The Honda part number of the part which comprises of heated mirrors button and mirror angle controller is 35190-SV2-E01 and the 2003 price for the part from Honda would have been £77.15. I have discovered that this is not an uncommon fault on 5th generation Honda Preludes.
02/2007 Cruise control button light bulb £0.49 The small light bulb in the master cruise control button had failed and I fixed it by fitting a replacement green 12V 65mA subminiature bulb from Maplin which cost me just £0.49 + £4.46 P&P. I bought two other bulbs at the same time as I wasn't sure which was the correct bulb to buy. The Maplin part number is PG79L and the equivalent Honda part number is 35850-SZ3-911.
08/2007 Rear near-side brake caliper £72.45 The brake caliper was seizing up. Removing it, cleaning it up and lubricating it only got it working again for a few weeks before it started to seize up again. The 2003 price for a rear caliper from Honda was £229.54, so I was pleased with the saving I made when I purchased a genuine Honda remanufactured part from Car Parts & Accessories in Horsham, West Sussex for £116.51. It had been remanufactured by Brake Engineering and its condition was like brand new. A £44.06 surcharge refund is issued on return of the old brake caliper.
10/2007 Boot lid torsion bar clip £2.30 This is a plastic clip which holds the boot lid torsion bars in place. I accidently broke the original during the summer while removing a bag from the boot. Honda improved the design of the torsion bar clip since the original was fitted. However the updated part should be on all Preludes from 1999 onwards. The updated part is black instead of brown and seems to be made of a more harder plastic. The design seems otherwise identical. The Honda part number of the original part is 74873-S30-003 and the Honda part number of the improved replacement part is 74873-S30-013.
01/2008 Thermostat £39.81 My car's engine seemed to be taking longer than usual to warm up in the morning, so I replaced the thermostat just in case it was that at fault and later replaced the antifreeze / coolant too. I'm not convinced that replacing the thermostat made any difference, maybe I was just being paranoid, so it wasn't definitely proven to be faulty. The Honda part number is 19301-P13-305.
04/2008 VTEC spool valve assembly filter / gasket £22.45 This is the small rubber gasket with metal mesh filter which sits between the VTEC spool valve assembly and the side of the cylinder head. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the VTEC solenoid gasket, which is actually located on top on the VTEC spool valve assembly. There was a minor engine oil ooze / seepage emitting from under the VTEC spool valve assembly. After removing the old part I could see that there was nothing much wrong with it so tightening up the bolts would probably have resolved it anyway. The Honda part number is 15825-P13-005.
05/2008 Rear off-side brake caliper £57.47 When I first got the car, all brake calipers were in a bad state and needed removing and cleaning up. The rear near-side brake caliper was replaced nine months ago due to it seizing up so I figured this one probably hasn't got much longer left before it will need replacing too and chose to get it replaced during my car's 72,000 miles service. I was also getting new brake pads & discs fitted too, so wanted my brake calipers to be in optimal condition ready for the upgrade. Afterwards I was told that it was starting to seize up so I wasn't wrong. As with the rear near-side brake caliper, this was replaced with a genuine Honda remanufactured part from Brake Engineering, but this time supplied by Jayar Components in Redhill, Surrey for £92.72. A £35.25 surcharge refund is issued on return of the old brake caliper.
10/2008 Rear stabiliser links £22.00 +
£40.00 labour
These are sometimes referred to as rear drop links, rather than rear stabiliser links. For over three years, there was a knocking noise coming from the rear near-side of the car when going over bumps or potholes in the road. This was present before the suspension upgrade, so the problem is not likely to be directly linked to the springs or dampers. The most common cause of this is with rear stabiliser links. The noise was coming from one side only, but I chose to replace the pair for good measure. The pair I purchased were produced by First Line Ltd and their part number is FDL6893. The equivalent Honda part number is 52320-S30-003. The pair were purchased through eBay and at £22.00 + £5.00 P&P they cost less than the price of one single rear stabiliser link if purchased from Honda. Unfortunately, this didn't resolve the issue so the fault must be elsewhere.
01/2009 Clutch master cylinder £155.25 +
£43.13 labour
On 03/01/2009, my car developed a fault whereby it intermittently would not change gear. The gear stick moved left and right as normal, but refused to go forwards or backwards into gear, as if something solid was in the way. It was like it was locked out. Then all of a sudden, it would start working again, but the first shift was quite stiff and a bit crunchy, then it would be fine, shifting smoothly as ever. On a few occasions on that same day, it had grinded slightly when changing up a gear, as if I had not pressed the clutch pedal down properly (but I am sure I did). I had sometimes been stuck out of gear for about 10 seconds coasting along while trying to entice it into gear. It happened with all gears even when the revs had dropped to idling speed. It wasn't temperature related as it still had the same problem after a journey of 60 miles (mostly motorway). Clutch fluid level was fine. The clutch fluid and MTF were replaced during the previous summer. The clutch master cylinder was suspected and hoped to be at fault. This was replaced on 07/01/2009 at a cost of £155.25 for the part, £43.13 for labour and £4.03 for the clutch hydraulic fluid. The Honda part number is 46920-SM4-A03. Unfortunately the fault persisted, demonstrating that the fault was not with the clutch master cylinder. I later sold my original part on eBay.
02/2009 Clutch £140.00 +
£373.75 labour
After the clutch master cylinder replacement, I noticed a quiet rattle/rustle noise from the transmission side of the engine bay when parked which stopped when I pushed down the clutch pedal. Also, sometimes the motion of clutch pedal didn't feel normal. Changing gear without the engine running was faultless, with and without the pressing the clutch pedal but the fault was intermittent. To further help diagnose the fault, I drove the car along a quiet dual carriageway, changing gears without the use of the clutch. I was also able to change gear successfully without the clutch through all gears, apart from 5th gear. Maybe the revs were not right when I tried to change up into 5th gear or maybe that's a sign of a warn synchromesh? After considering a gearbox replacement (with the LSD equipped U2Q7 from the Honda Accord Type-R) I decided to replace just the clutch & flywheel during February 2009 instead. The flywheel was not suspected to be at fault, but it would have been beneficial to replace it with an upgrade at the same time as the clutch replacement. An Exedy Standard Clutch Kit was purchased from Tegiwa Imports in January 2009 at a cost of £140. This clutch kit consisted of the following parts: clutch disc (HCD015U), clutch cover (HCC908) and a Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp clutch bearing (55SCRN41P-6). A lightweight Fidanza aluminium flywheel was purchased from Speed Solution International (aka Gripforce-Clutches) through eBay at a cost of £97.49 for the part, £59.23 P&P from USA and £16.46 for duties & government surcharge, coming to a total of £173.19. I also chose to have the 6 clutch bolts (90034-689-000) & 8 flywheel bolts (90011-PH3-000) replaced at the same time for good measure, which cost £21.90 & £26.04 respectively from Honda. The labour charge for fitting was £373.75 and I was also charged £19.55 for manual transmission fluid. Upon inspection of the original clutch, the friction surface of the clutch disc wasn't too badly worn, however the metal lips which retain the springs were damaged, causing the springs to be loose and one of them was able to freely come out. Here are some photos showing the damage after 79,445 miles of use.
06/2009 Rear damper collars £9.40 My car was still suffering from the rear knocking noise which I tried to get repaired during October 2008 by replacing the rear stabiliser links to no avail. I read the American Honda Service Bulletin 00-090 (dated 28/11/2000) which recommended replacing the rear damper collars with improved ones which were released by Honda in the USA specifically to resolve a specific knocking sound. I ordered the 2 collars at the end of March 2009 and was told they would take a few months to arrive, probably because they were designed for the American spec Prelude. The original Honda part number is 52728-SB2-004, the replacement Honda part number is 52728-S30-004 and they cost £4.70 each. While waiting for the parts to arrive, in April 2009, I decided to try the "Shock Knock Washer Fix" which is published on many Prelude internet discussion forums. This is a well known non-official fix which resolves a knocking sound issue which is apparently a common Prelude fault. It involves fitting specific sized washers in the top of the rear suspension. The 4 M16 washers cost me 50p. Unfortunately, this didn't resolve my car's specific issue. The collars arrived earlier than planned on 07/05/2009 and I fitted them at the end of June 2009. They are easy to fit from within the boot of the car so no need to remove the springs to gain access. Unfortunately, the knocking sound persisted.
06/2009 Upper catalytic converter cover N/A Since November 2008, when starting the engine, for less than a second there was a rattle noise coming from under the car, which was originally thought to be coming from the engine bay. From about May 2009, the noise progressed so it was present while driving and I discovered that the upper catalytic converter cover (18182-PAA-A00) was loose due to the bolts no longer securing the front end. Rust was probably the cause. Instead of replacing it, I fixed it by securing it with a metal CV boot band (similar in effect to a plastic cable tie) and tightened it with a CV boot band tightening tool.
07/2009 Rear near-side suspension top mount £80.02 +
£63.25 labour
This was to resolve the ongoing rear knocking noise. I had previously had the rear stabiliser links and rear damper collars replaced and the shock knock fix had also been tried, all to no avail. This time, I arranged for Performance Autoworks to replace the rear near-side suspension top mount, which consisted of 3 separate parts: shock absorber mounting base (52675-SS0-014), rubber spring mounting (52686-SS0-004) & rubber shock absorber (52725-SS0-004). I chose Performance Autoworks over more local garages as my car also required a 4 wheel laser alignment suspension geometry check & adjustment to be carried out due to uneven tyre wear on a set of tyres which had recently been replaced. Performance Autoworks are one of the very few places who own a 4WS locking pin, which is required when carrying out the adjustment on Honda Preludes with 4 wheel steering. The total cost of parts cost £69.05, labour cost was £63.25 and the 4 wheel laser alignment suspension geometry check & adjustment cost £80.50. Additionally, I also had my car's engine valve clearances checked & adjusted too at a cost of £63.25. While discussing the fault with them before booking my car in, I chose not to replace one of the two rubber shock absorber rubber bushes (52725-SS0-004) as I believed it was OK. When I collected my car, I was shown a photo comparing it to a new one which clearly showed that it did need replacing, which I did the following week. The part cost me £10.97 from my local Honda dealer. Unfortunately, the knocking sound persisted, much to my annoyance!
08/2009 Driver's door lock assembly £175.90 The power door lock / actuator in the driver's side door was getting a bit tired whereby sometimes it would not lock the door via the remote control so I would have to lock the door manually with the key instead. During May 2009, in an attempt to fix it, I removed the driver's door lock assembly along with the door lock cylinder and oiled them both to no avail. I replaced the driver's door lock assembly (72110-S30-E01) in August 2009 which cost me £175.90 from my local Honda dealer in June 2009. Replacement of the part is quite a fiddly job as some of the task is done with the use of a mirror otherwise there is no direct vision to all of the part when in-situ.
08/2009 Rear off-side suspension top mount £80.02 +
£60.38 labour
Ever since Performance Autoworks carried out the work on my car during July 2009, a rattle noise could be heard coming from the rear off-side suspension, which was not present beforehand. Tightening the bolts at the top of the suspension didn't resolve it. To resolve this, I took my car to my usual garage, Frank G Wickenden Ltd in Hove, East Sussex, and had the rear off-side suspension top mounts replaced. I wasn't certain that those parts were at fault, but I thought they should be replaced anyway for symmetry as the other side had been replaced the month beforehand. The four parts replaced consisted of: 1x shock absorber mounting base (52675-SS0-014), 1x rubber spring mounting (52686-SS0-004) & 2x rubber shock absorbers (52725-SS0-004) which cost a total of £80.02 from my local Honda dealer. The labour cost was £60.38. Fortunately, this did successfully resolve the rear off-side rattle noise, but the ongoing rear near-side knocking noise was still present (which this specific repair was not intended to resolve anyway). I am not convinced that these parts were actually faulty as the fault only occurred after the work was carried out by Performance Autoworks. Instead, I believe something wasn't fully tightened or fitted correctly.
10/2009 Battery £46.00 Over a period of a week or two, the starter motor sounded like it was struggling. On the morning of 01/10/2009, the car failed to start and recharging the battery didn't solve the issue. A replacement battery was ordered from Honda and it arrived the following day. The original Honda battery was manufactured by Furukawa and its Honda part number is 31500-SS0-G83. It had been superseded by 31500-SP0-010HE which is labelled as a Honda battery. It is of the same dimensions, but weighed lighter at 17.5 kg compared to 18.0 kg of the original battery. The original battery was sold for scrap for £2.40.
01/2010 Rear upper suspension arms £253.00 +
I chose to have both rear upper suspension arms replaced during my car's 90,000 miles service to hopefully resolve the ongoing knocking sound from the rear. Original Honda parts were very expensive so I chose to buy a pair manufactured by Blue Print instead. The Blue Print part numbers are ADH28648 (off-side / right-hand side) & ADH28649 (near-side / left-hand side) and they cost me £126.50 each in December 2009 from Lethal Auto Design in Crawley, West Sussex. The equivalent Honda part numbers are 52390-S30-003 & 52400-S30-003. The parts were fitted on 15/01/2010 by Frank G Wickenden Ltd in Hove, East Sussex and I was extremely disappointed to learn that the knocking issue was still present afterwards. I have spent hundreds of pounds trying to get this fixed to no avail!
05/2010 - £5.00 During May 2010 I believed I finally localised the source of the ongoing rear clunking noise which I had spent lots of money trying to resolve. It seemed to be coming from within the cavity above the near-side rear wheel arch where there is a strengthening strut. It isn't easily accessible as the metal panels of the cavity are welded in place, so to access it, I would have to cut a hole through the metal panels, which I would rather not do, as it would compromise structural integrity. To finally lay this matter to rest, I completed a workaround which involved packing the area with the contents of a couple of cushions. I also insulated both rear interior panels (with integrated arm rests) with a sheet of foam purchased for £5.00 from the Direct Foam Supply Company. The foam sheet dimensions were 25" x 31" x 1" (x2). By insulating the area, I have quietened down the clunk noise and reduced road noise too.
10/2010 Rear stabiliser links £89.72 It seems you get what you pay for. While giving my brake calipers a fresh coat of paint during the summer of 2010 I noticed that the rubber bushes on the rear stabiliser links, which were unnecessarily fitted during October 2008, were falling apart. These rear stabiliser links produced by First Line Ltd were the cheapest I could find at the time on eBay. At £22.00 + £5.00 P&P they cost less than the price of one single rear stabiliser link if purchased from Honda. This turned out to be false economy as they didn't even last two years. During my car's 99,000 miles service I had them replaced with genuine Honda parts costing £44.86 each. Their Honda part number is 52320-S30-003.
05/2011 Low fuel level bulb £5.85 During September 2010, the dashboard light indicating low fuel level lit up very late when it should light up when there are 10 litres of petrol remaining. After that, it failed to light up at all. I bought a replacement bulb complete with holder from my local Honda dealer, the Honda part number is 37103-SD2-003. The fault was still present, so it was assumed the fault was with the fuel gauge sending unit (fuel tank level sensor).
06/2011 Heater controller unit £25.00 +
£1.00 x3 bulbs
The backlighting for three of the heater controller unit buttons failed during March 2011. I tried the adjacent bulb and that immediately failed. During April 2011, I bought a replacement heater controller unit from a Prelude being broken in Farnborough, Hampshire for £25.00, complete with bulbs. The Honda part number is 79500-S30-E01 and the 2011 price was £391.70! Rather than fitting the replacement unit, I tried two of its three bulbs in my original heater controller unit and they immediately failed. I assumed it must be a problem with the socket on my heater controller unit blowing bulbs. During May 2011, I bought 3 spare bulbs for £1.00 from a Prelude being broken in Barking, Essex. The Honda part number is 34354-SB0-003 and the 2011 price was £6.58 each. After fitting the replacement heater controller unit with replacement bulbs, the issue was resolved.
06/2011 Sunroof button backlighting bulb £0.99 The backlighting bulb in the sunroof button failed during June 2011. I fixed it by fitting a replacement blue 12V 65mA subminiature bulb from Maplin which cost me just £0.99. The Maplin part number is PG80B, the equivalent Honda part number is 35850-S30-003 and the 2011 price was £5.20. For uniformity, I replaced the backlighting bulbs in the two adjacent buttons (rear fog light & cruise control). Of note, even though the replacement bulbs are blue, they actually light up aqua marine but are a lot brighter than the standard bulbs.
07/2011 Rear off-side brake caliper £81.92 For the second time, my car had suffered a rear off-side brake caliper seizure. This was more of an acute fault rather than a gradual worsening like in the past. However, while replacing the brake caliper, it seems that the caliper itself might have been fine and the fault was with the brake caliper carrier or more specifically the slide pins. After cleaning them out and applying new grease, all was OK. The Brake Engineering remanufactured brake caliper cost me £81.92 from Jayar Components in Redhill, Surrey following the £24.00 surcharge refund after returning my old brake caliper.
08/2011 Passenger seat backrest cover £40.00 During June 2010, I had a mishap with my passenger seat. I purchased a couple of iron-on patches through eBay which I planned to put on my car's seat's backrests. They were square, with a red Honda H logo on a white background. Foolishly, I didn't realise that the iron would cause damage so I was quite unhappy when it melted the passenger seat's backrest velour cover. And I decided that the patches looked cheap & tacky on the seats anyway! During May 2011, I purchased a replacement passenger seat from a Prelude being broken in Barking, Essex for £40. It was very dirty so needed a thorough cleaning. As it was from a pre 1999 Honda Prelude, it wasn't a heated seat so with the help of my Dad, I removed the backrest cover and transferred the heating element from my original seat to the replacement's cover before fitting it to my passenger seat.
03/2012 Fuel gauge sending unit £101.65 During May 2011 I replaced the dashboard low fuel level bulb in a hope to fix the issue where it wasn't lighting up when the fuel level was low. As the fault was still present, the fuel gauge sending unit was assumed to be at fault. The part was purchased during October 2011 from my local Honda dealer. The Honda part number is 37800-S30-305. It was not fitted until March 2012, which took me just under two hours.
05/2012 Exhaust rear silencer £3.99 The front facing surface of the exhaust rear silencer had developed a hole due to rust. I repaired it using half a tin of Holts Gun Gum gas tight silencer repair paste. Unfortunately the repair only lasted about a week.
06/2012 Exhaust rear silencer £20.00 I took my car to Lethal Auto Design in Crawley, West Sussex, in the hope of getting the hole in the exhaust rear silencer welded up. Unfortunately it wasn't possible due to limited access and not being able to remove the exhaust without causing further damage. Instead they used an alternative exhaust repair paste which worked.
06/2012 Front off-side brake caliper £30.00 While driving along the M23, I was aware of the car vibrating. I wondered if I had a puncture or the if there was a problem with the balancing of one of the wheels. When parked up, I could feel a lot of heat coming off the front off-side wheel and I could see that the silver paint of the hub section of the brake disc had turned slightly bronze due to the extreme heat, indicating a seizing brake caliper. It was freed up the following day by Lethal Auto Design in Crawley, West Sussex. A small amount of rust was removed from the cylinder and suitable grease was applied to the slide pins. I paid them an additional £30.00 to check the front near-side brake caliper which turned out to be OK.
11/2012 Clifford remote boot release £30.00 The Clifford remote boot release failed to function at the end of October 2012. This was repaired at Road Radio in Crawley, West Sussex for £30.00. The fault was a break in the wire, located in the boot area. Unfortunately, it failed again within hours so I returned the following weekend when they traced the fault to the power to the relay and was fixed free of charge.
12/2012 Front off-side brake caliper £84.95 At the end of November 2012, the front off-side brake caliper siezed again. It was previously freed up during June 2012 when I knew it was a temporary measure and would eventually need replacing. I chose to replace both front brake calipers with upgraded brake calipers from the Honda Accord Type R (1998 - 2002). The upgraded calipers are twin piston as opposed to single piston that the Prelude has. They also use the existing Prelude brake carriers, discs & pads, so are a straight forward swap. I purchased a pair of Accord Type R front brake calipers from Brakes International through eBay for £189.90 (£94.95 each). There was a mixup with the front off-side brake caliper as Brakes International discovered that it was a front near-side brake caliper in a front off-side brake caliper box. Subsequently, I agreed to be supplied with a remanufactured brake caliper instead of a brand new brake caliper and Brakes International kindly refunded £10.00 as compensation. I was happy with this as I believed they were both remanufactured brake calipers anyway, so getting one brand new caliper was a bonus. The brand new front near-side brake caliper is from Budweg Caliper who I assume have a copy of the brake caliper cast as it looks identical to the authentic remanufactured caliper, excluding the laterality aspect. Apparently Budweg Caliper manufacture new calipers when they are out of stock of calipers to remanufacture. Replacing my front brake calipers was very straight forward. Comma Copper Ease was applied to the appropriate components during fitting. In normal use, the new brakes feel no different to the original Prelude brakes, however, when the brake pedal is pushed harder, the stopping power is improved.
07/2013 Cylinder head cover gasket / seal set £16.37 The cylinder head cover had to be removed a few times during June 2013 & July 2013 due to accidently breaking a spark plug due to over tightening it (22/06/2013) and when adjusting the valve clearances (18/07/2013). Subsequently, the cylinder head cover gasket was starting to leak oil. A new gasket / seal set from Honda is unsurprisingly very expensive at £97.43. The full set (12030-P13-000) consists of:
  • 1x gasket (12341-P13-000),
  • 4x spark plug orifice seals / O-rings (12342-PT2-000),
  • 8x washers incorporating rubber seals (90442-PR7-A00).
I purchased an aftermarket set made by BG Automotive through Amazon for just £16.37 at the end of July 2013. Unfortunately, while fitting it, the main gasket became displaced and I lost one of the four spark plug orifice seals / O-rings causing the engine to sound like vacuum cleaner and to lose a lot of oil! As one of the spark plug orifice seals / O-rings was lost, I purchased another whole set. Disappointingly at the beginning of August 2013 the price on Amazon had increased so I purchased the new set through eBay for £13.42 + £7.50 P&P. The BGA part number is RK5363.
10/2013 Air conditioning condensor to compressor pipe 1/2" O-ring £2.58 During September 2013, while replacing various nuts & bolts in the engine bay with new stainless steel items, I foolishly removed the bolt at the near-side front of the condenser which secures the pipe leading to the compressor. Subsequently, there was a sudden violent loss of air conditioning coolant. After getting the air conditioning system recharged during September 2013, I discovered that the system had completely discharged within two weeks due to a leak. The 1/2" O-ring had been damaged during the sudden violent loss of air conditioning coolant. A new O-ring was purchased from my local Honda dealer for £2.58 and its Honda part number is 80872-ST7-000. The part was fitted and the air conditioning was recharged again at Kipling in Crawley, West Sussex for £35.00.
01/2014 Suspension bushes £276.00 + labour At long last, after 8.5 years of enduring the rear near-side clunk which I had tried and failed to resolve previously, it has now been resolved! The clunk was getting worse and the car was sounding quite unhealthy or creaky when going over speed bumps. I chose to have all the suspension bushes replaced with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushes, including the trailing arm bushes and front & rear anti-roll bar bushes. The work was carried out by Performance Autoworks, the largest cost was the labour, as the job takes most of two days to complete. As predicted, both rear lower control arm camber adjustment nuts and bolts had to be replaced as they had seized so had to be cut out. They cost £31.44 for the two bolts and £15.58 for the two nuts. A full 4 wheel laser suspension geometry setup was carried out at the end. It was noted that the rear upper wishbone inner bushes and the rear lower control arm inner bushes were particularly in a bad state. As the rear upper wishbones (rear upper suspension arms) were replaced during January 2010, I assume the cause of the rear near-side clunk was the rear lower control arm inner bushes.
01/2014 VTEC spool valve assembly filter / gasket & cylinder head rubber cap £29.92 & £12.23 For maybe two or three years, there had been a very slight oil leak at the side of the engine near the distributor. It only became a concern when the oil had contaminated the coolant inlet hose (79721-S30-900) near the distributor causing it to leak coolant, albeit very slightly. While my car was having its suspension bushes replaced, Performance Autoworks diagnosed the oil leak to be coming from the VTEC spool valve assembly filter / gasket (15825-P13-005) and cylinder head rubber cap (12513-P30-000). The cylinder head rubber cap is sometimes referred to as a cam seal end plug. To resolve the coolant leak, Performance Autoworks simply cut an inch off the end of the pipe which had been damaged by the oil. I purchased both parts from my local Honda dealer and the leak was resolved after fitting them.
01/2014 Cylinder head cover gasket, 4x spark plug orifice seals / O-rings & 1x 12mm camshaft holder plate bolt £22.26, £18.67 & £1.37 After fitting the replacement cylinder head cover gasket / seal set from BG Automotive during August 2013, it had persistently leaked oil. I had tried to fix it a few times by refitting it with new silicone sealant as recommended and degreasing the cylinder head surface where it makes contact. Subsequently, I replaced the cylinder head cover gasket (12341-P13-000) and 4x spark plug orifice seals / O-rings (12342-PT2-000) with original Honda items which resolved the leak. A 12mm camshaft holder plate bolt had to be replaced due to the original being broken while replacing the cylinder head rubber cap earlier that month. I kept the 8x washers incorporating rubber seals from BG Automotive as they were OK so didn't need replacing.
02/2014 Exhaust £450.00 The original exhaust had become rusty over the years. After 14 years, the rust caused a break at the join between the rear-section and the mid-section. This was expected as the independent Honda specialist I use informed me a year or so prior to this that the exhaust didn't have much life left in it. A replacement custom stainless steel exhaust from the catalytic converter backwards (cat-back) was fabricated and fitted by Solid Fabrications for £450.00 including parts & labour. The original exhaust piping has a diameter of 2.25". The replacement is slightly larger at 2.5". The original twin tailpipes have an inner diameter of 2" and are covered by 3" diameter stainless steel tailpipe trims. The replacement has 3" diameter twin tailpipes welded direct to the rear silencer, so are fully functional rather than cosmetic.
03/2014 Bonnet support pole grommett N/A During either 2010 or 2011, I replaced the damaged plastic grommet which secures the bonnet support pole with one from a Honda Prelude which was being dismantled for parts. A few years later, this part began to break up too, causing the bonnet support pole to be slightly loose. Iíve fitted a much sturdier grommet from a 2002 sixth generation Honda Accord found in a local breakerís yard. The orifice where it locates into had to be drilled out by 1-2mm due to the replacement part having a larger diameter. The Honda part number is 90601-S84-A01 and the replacement part was fitted during March 2014.
04/2014 Rear off-side brake caliper £69.60 Once again, a rear brake caliper was seizing up. This time it was the rear off-side brake caliper and it had worn away the inside brake pad. This was originally replaced during May 2008 and again during July 2011, although it turned out that it might not have needed replacing on the second occasion. Previously, I have used rear brake calipers remanufactured by Brake Engineering. As the last one lasted less than 3 years, I decided to try my luck with an alternative brand, so from Euro Car Parts I sourced a rear brake caliper remanufactured by Pagid during March 2014. As a gift from my parents, they purchased the rear near-side brake caliper for me. Although it seemed to be working OK, due to my poor luck with brake calipers, it was wondered how much life the rear near-side brake caliper had left. After a £36.00 surcharge refund on each brake caliper upon return of both of the old brake calipers, they cost £69.60 each. The brake calipers were fitted with new rear brake pads during April 2014.
05/2014 Rear parcel shelf N/A The mounting area where the boot lid torsion bar clip mounts under the rear parcel shelf had become damaged during May 2009 causing the boot lid torsion bar clip to be insecure. The sheet metal had been torn. Through various methods involving trial & error, between March 2014 & May 2014 I finally repaired it using metal CV boot bands (like plastic cable ties) and a custom fabricated metal anchorage point for them pull the boot lid torsion bar clip towards.
06/2014 Bonnet support pole holder £3.83 Whilst spray painting the radiator support top mounts, I accidently broke the white plastic bonnet support pole / rod holder. A replacement cost me £3.83 from my local Honda dealer. The Honda part number is 91503-SS0-003.
12/2014 Clutch release fork boot & rear lower ball joints £12.32, £78.83 + £144.00 labour There was a tear in the clutch release fork boot and there was still a slight knocking noise coming from the rear. This time I chose to have both rear lower ball joints replaced in a bid to solve the knocking noise and this seems to have done the trick. The Honda part number for the clutch release fork boot is 22841-PX5-000 which cost £12.32. The Honda part number for the rear lower ball joint kit is 04510-SL5-000 which cost £78.83. The labour charge for fitting all parts came to £144.00.
04/2015 Rear balancer shaft drive gear housing £254.46 + £240.00 labour There was an oil leak visible on the side of the oil sump, beneath the belts. The leak was diagnosed to be coming from the rear balancer shaft drive gear housing. Unfortunately, this is a relatively expensive part which is rarely leaks. Diagnosis along with valve clearance adjustment cost me £165.00 at Performance Autoworks During March 2015. The replacement part was fitted during April 2015, the Honda part number is 13500-PAA-A00 and it cost £254.46. At the same time, the balancer shaft belt was replaced for good measure (£31.54) as well as the installation of a front balancer shaft oil seal retainer kit (£4.76) which is a prophylactic measure.
05/2015 Front off-side steering rack boot / dust seal £31.92 + £53.08 labour There was a tear in the front off-side steering rack boot / dust seal. A replacement was fitted by 1 Stop Garage in Crawley, West Sussex. The Honda part number is 53534-SL4-J01.
12/2015 Front near-side steering rack boot / dust seal £80.00 For the first time, at least under my ownership, my car failed its MOT. This was due to a torn front near-side steering rack boot / dust seal which wasn't surprising seeing as the other side had to be replaced earlier during the year. Again, a replacement was fitted by 1 Stop Garage in Crawley, West Sussex.
02/2016 Rear main crankshaft oil seal £23.77 + labour An oil leak was visible underneath the car, coming from between the gearbox and engine, the rear main crankshaft oil seal was diagnosed as the likely culprit. This was replaced by Performance Autoworks during the installation of an LSD, along with a replacement clutch and flywheel friction plates.
03/2016 Gearbox selector oil seals & front track rod ends £22.20, £84.00 + labour Following the recent LSD installation, there was an MTF leak coming from the top of the gearbox. Also, the boots / dust seals of front the track rod ends had perished / torn which would be a MOT failure. Performance Autoworks replaced two gearbox selector oil seals, costing £14.16 & £8.04 and both front track rod ends were replaced with a pair manufactured by Blue Print costing £42.00 each. Their part numbers are ADH28753 (left / near-side) & ADH28754 (right / off-side), the equivalent Honda part numbers are 53560-S30-005 & 53540-S30-005 and would cost £100.35 if purchased from a Honda dealer. Afterwards, a 4 wheel laser alignment suspension geometry check & adjustment was carried out.
03/2016 Oil cooler O-ring £3.49 There was an engine oil leak coming from between the oil cooler and engine block. I resolved this by replacing the oil cooler's O-ring myself which was straight forward task. The Honda part number is 91316-PE7-730.
05/2016 Battery £78.74 The replacement battery purchased over seven and half years ago reached its demise on 11/05/2016. During the prior winter, on a few occasions the car had struggled to start so when it did finally die, it was no surprise. A replacement upgraded battery was sourced from Euro Car Parts in the form of an Exide Premium (031 fitment) costing £78.74 after a 25% promotional discount offer. The standard Honda battery which was being replaced had a rating of 70 Ah & 500 CCA compared to its replacement with has a rating of 75 Ah & 630 CCA.
11/2016 Air intake final section £45.15 Common with other 5th generation Honda Preludes, the rubber in ribbed section of the air intake final section was perishing underneath. I believe it still had a few more years of use left before it would no longer be air tight, but I decided to fix it before then. A replacement from Honda (part number: 17228-P5P-J00) would cost a silly £64.65 so I decided to fabricate my own. I purchased a do88 black silicone 60 degree reducing elbow with a diameter of 70mm at one end and 80mm at the other (part number: SBR60G70-80). This was purchased via their UK distributor PFS Parts Ltd for £29.65 + £4.51 P&P during June 2016. Additionally I purchased a Honda Prelude PCV valve, breather pipe & clips removed from a Lude Generation member with a breaking Prelude for £10.00 and also a 50mm length of copper pipe with a diameter of 10mm through eBay for £0.99. I shortened the new DO88 pipe by 4 cm at one end and 5 cm at the other making it the correct size. I shortened the copper pipe and splayed out one end before pushing it through a small drilled hole in the new pipe. As the hole was barely big enough, it is air tight around it. The old breather pipe orifice was cut out from the original pipe with a wide base, slid over the protruding copper pipe and was further secured with black silicone sealant leaving about 10mm of copper pipe exposed. I then cut out the strip of pipe clips from original air intake and bonded them to the new pipe using black silicone sealant. The overly complex breather pipe with attached coolant hose were removed from the engine bay. The short metal coolant pipe was replaced with a spare breather pipe purchased a few years ago. The new customised air intake pipe is a perfect fit, it's so snug, the hose clamps at either end are no longer strictly necessary. The new breather pipe slides onto the protruding copper pipe at one end and the other end connects to the cylinder head cover as normal. Half way along, I've fitted the PCV valve which will allow flow of air in one direction only, stopping oily deposits from entering the intake manifold via the throttle body. The standard PCV valve and breather is in operation on the left hand side of the cylinder head cover but with a custom built oil catch can. I believe the new custom pipe is a slightly better design that the standard Honda pipe insofar as it has no ribbed section so is conducive to better air flow.
04/2017 Heater controller light bulb and pivoting semi-circular throttle cable plastic clip £5.00 The backing light bulb for the heater controller sliders (bottom row) intermittently wouldn't illuminate during the fourth quarter of 2016 and the pivoting semi-circular throttle cable plastic clip located at the corner of the cylinder head cover broke during November 2016. Three replacement bulbs and the plastic clip were purchased from a Lude Generation member for £5.00 during December 2016 and were fitted during April 2017. The Honda part numbers are 34354-SB0-003 (14v 100ma neo wedge bulb) and 17936-SF1-003 (throttle wire clip) and their prices from a Honda dealer would have been £7.72 (each) and £4.14 respectively. However, the pivoting semi-circular throttle cable plastic clip seems to have been discontinued.
04/2017 Near-side tail light wiring loom £7.50 One of the tail light bulbs in the near-side rear light cluster would intermittently not light up, even after replacing the bulb. After wiggling around the wires, it was clear that there was a fault with one of its wires. A replacement tail light loom complete with bulbs with purchased from Lude Generation member for £7.50 (£5.00 + £2.50 tip) during March 2017 and was fitted during April 2017. The Honda part number is 33502-S30-003 (cord comp) and the price from a Honda dealer would have been a ridiculous £80.14 (without bulbs).
04/2017 Rear balancer shaft drive gear housing bolt hole £410.71 Unfortunately I spotted another oil leak and rather than driving my car 120 miles to Performance Autoworks, a more local Honda specialist named TGM Sport was recommended. At just 40 miles away, they are more convenient. The leak was identified to be coming from one of the securing bolts of the rear balance shaft drive gear housing which was replaced by Performance Autoworks during April 2015. It was discovered that the thread in the engine block had been stripped and the bolt was being held in by some sort of black sealant. Not good. A new thread was inserted via a Time-Sert repair on the engine block allowing the bolt to be secured correctly. Both the timing belt and balance belts were also replaced due to oil contamination. Also, as requested, the valve clearances were checked & adjusted as well and the ignition timing checked and confirmed to be correct. The two belts cost £59.71 and the labour charge was £351.00.
05/2017 Off-side front speaker cable £7.99 +
£40.00 labour
During the summer of 2016, I noticed a fault whereby the off-side front main speaker would not work when the door was open. It was working correctly with the door closed. This indicated a fault with a speaker cable between cabin and door where it flexes. Most people would leave it, however as a perfectionist, I had to get it fixed. A 5m long roll of Autoloeads ProFlex 1.5mm clear speaker cable (part number: G9-15T-5) cost me £7.99 from Halfords during August 2016. During May 2017, I semi-successfully replaced approximately 15cm sections of the two speaker cables between the cabin and the door. The speaker was now working with the door open and closed, however after I refitted the door, it stopped working. It was obvious that one of the butt crimp terminals must have come disconnected which would be a simple fix. As the crimping tool I was using at the time was substandard, I decided to get it fixed by a professional instead. It was fixed correctly by a family friend who's an electrician with experience of working with vehicles. Even though he didnít want paying for his help, I gave him £40.
06/2017 2x cam shaft oil seals £16.48 Unfortunately an oil leak persisted following the repair at TGM Sport during April 2017 so my car was booked in for further investigation. The area around the previous repair was dry, however there was some oil around the rear cam shaft oil seal. Subsequently, both cam shaft oil seals were replaced free of charge. I had previously purchased 2x cam shaft oil seals (along with a balancer shaft oil seal and crank shaft oil seal) during March 2014 but the seals were subsequently not required then. The Honda part number for a cam shaft oil seal is 91213-PR3-004 and they cost £8.24 each during March 2014.
07/2017 Rear balancer shaft drive gear housing - Unfortunately an oil leak persisted following the repair at TGM Sport during June 2017 so my car was booked in for further investigation. It was suspected the leak was coming from the rear balancer shaft drive gear housing, so it was removed, cleaned up and refitted at no charge.
10/2017 Fuel injectors £235.20 After filling up with what I assume was a sub-standard tank of petrol in northern Italy during July 2016, my car started to sometimes exhibit what I suspect is minor pinking / pre-detonation when accelerating up an incline. After the ignition timing had been checked and confirmed to be correct by TGM Sport during April 2017, I wondered if the fuel injectors were at fault. Abbey Motorsport in Oxted, Surrey carried out a flow test and reported that all four injectors showed good spray patterns and flow rates.
10/2017 Rear balancer shaft drive gear housing £304.94 Unfortunately an oil leak persisted following the repair at TGM Sport during July 2017. It was suspected the leak was coming from the rear balancer shaft drive gear housing, so it was replaced with no charge for the labour. The Honda part number is 13500-PAA-A00. There had been a long wait of a few months for the part to arrive from Honda.
11/2017 Head gasket & power steering fluid cooler - Unfortunately an oil leak persisted following the repair at TGM Sport during October 2017. After further investigation, the consensus is that the oil leak is coming from the rear corner of the head gasket. As this will be expensive to repair (quoted approximately 6 - 7 hours labour), I will look into getting it resolved in the future. Additionally, a leak from near the power steering fluid cooler was identified and repaired by replacing one of the hoses. This was done at no charge.

Additionally I have had to replace some tail light bulbs and headlight bulbs, which are expected. Also, a component related to the Clifford remote boot release was replaced due to failure sometime during 2007. I think it was something small like a transistor or resistor that needed replacing.