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Adrian - Eurythmics.

During July 2012 I gave in to the temptation to join Facebook and since then, my blog has been rather neglected. From now on, any blog entries will instead be on my Facebook profile.

Wednesday 18th April 2012:
Espresso. Interesting stuff.

Thursday 22nd December 2011:
My car is famous, again (see Monday 21st August 2006) . My car has been shortlisted for round 1 of 4 of the Total Honda magazine Idol 2012 competition. It's featured on page 56 of the January / February 2012 issue.

Saturday 17th September 2011:
Cool Citrus Listerine Antibacterial Mouthwash. It's like washing your mouth out with Cointreau .

Wednesday 14th September 2011:
This is proper car porn - Who'd have thought a Nissan would beat the likes of a Ferrari or Porsche? I guessed it would.

Monday 12th September 2011:
David Walliams has succeeded in swimming the 140 miles of the River Thames for charity. Whatta man, respect to him.

Thursday 8th September 2011:
This is funny - It's good to know that some people have a sense of humour.

Thursday 11th August 2011:
While my car was in for further repairs during July, I had the pleasure of driving a 2009 CitroŽn C2 VT as a courtesy car for three days. First impressions were that it was OK, I've always thought the C2 as a decent looking car, as far as small cars go that is. Inside isn't bad, not blatantly bargain basement, but the plastics do look a bit on the cheap side. There are some interesting touches inside which do brighten it up, although they weren't to my taste. The door pulls and gear knob were a shade of metallic red, which looked funky, but a little like they were aftermarket items from Halfords. Maybe a little too Ripspeed for my liking.

I've always admired cars with a digital dashboard, and the C2 is blessed with a back-lit LCD dashboard but it doesn't display much information. The tachometer is long and curved, above the LCD display. After I had adjusted the height of the steering wheel to suit myself, the tachometer was hidden from view! Obviously, this dashboard doesn't quite have the panache of the digital LED dashboards in more expensive cars, such as the Honda S2000, but it wasn't bad, more functional than likeable. I have decided I prefer more traditional analogue fuel gauges as they are more precise than the boolean nature of a digital block.

The seats looked very unwelcoming & bland. Unfortunately their looks represented their comfort levels too. I never felt very comfortable in them, definitely a seat you sit on, rather than in. This particular car had the seat belt tongue (the shiny metal bit) fitted the wrong way around, so the seat belt was always twisted when in place. Maybe this is a common fault amongst CitroŽn C2s, or maybe this was a one-off, I don't know.

Setting off didn't go smoothly. I was surprised at the amount of travel the long gear stick had between gears. When I first tried to drive away, all I could hear was a grinding noise as it was only half in gear, so after pushing the gear stick forward a little more, I gingerly set off. Changing gear is a bit like stirring a big witch's cauldron with a big spoon. Although, the clutch is very light to use.

I was expecting this little car to have a little poke, but I was wrong. The performance figures state that it's faster than the Chevrolet Matiz SE I had the recent use of. Whether that is true or not, I do not know, but it definitely didn't feel like it, even though the CitroŽn's engine was larger by about 300 cc. Bearing in mind, this C2 VT did have only a 1.1 litre engine so I wasn't expecting fireworks. I'm sure the larger 1.6 litre engine in the VTR & VTS provide more get up & go. I believe the car's exterior does look quite sporty & funky, but as Agent Smith once said "as you well know, appearances can be deceiving". I discovered this is the type of car you can easily get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle on a dual-carriageway as it doesn't have enough power under its bonnet to be able to safely accelerate into the outside lane where traffic is moving quicker. Maybe car manufacturers should make cars with a mandatory minimum level of performance for safety reasons.

The brakes are another story, they are very good. Maybe they have a little too much servo assistance, but I quite like that and I'm sure I'd get used to their snatchiness in time. I never had the opportunity to test out their outright braking performance in an emergency situation, but they do instil faith.

As with the Chevrolet Matiz, this car suffered from suspension lean, although it did feel more stable. Other than the lean when cornering, the ride was quite a pleasant one, effectively soaking up speed bumps and road imperfections.

The electronic sound emitted when the indicators were operated was intriguing. It reminded me of the movement sound the alien spaceships made in the classic video game Space Invaders, but more higher pitched. From memory, it had the same rhythm and tone change. It made me wonder when car owners will be able to customise their car's indicator tones, as if it was a mobile phone ringtone.

After the three days together, my feelings towards the C2 could be described as indifferent. I didn't dislike the car, but didn't really like it much either. However, when getting back in to my own Honda Prelude, I honesty disliked it! I loved the low seating position in the Prelude, but I disliked my car's comparatively heavy steering and heavy clutch pedal. Initial thoughts were that something was wrong with my car, but it took a few days to readjust.

Which car would I choose out of the CitroŽn C2 VT and Chevrolet Matiz SE? That's a difficult choice, a bit like being asked if you would like your left or right arm amputated. Looks wise, I would choose the CitroŽn. However, I have no faith in French car's reliability, my concerns reflected in many owner's surveys. These are the type of cars which are bought in order to save money, and the official fuel consumption figures indicate that the Chevrolet is more economical on fuel, so that would be the sensible choice. Yes, sensible sums it up, to some people, that is. However, if you have any self respect, being seen in the Chevrolet Matiz is quite embarrassing and it could be argued that same could be said for the CitroŽn C2, unless you're a teenager perhaps. However, the CitroŽn C2 definitely isn't as embarrassing due to its French chic. So, is it economy or style? Personally, I would choose the Chevrolet and buy a paper bag to wear and be more confident that my cheap motor is also relatively dependable too. After all, that is the point of these cars, cheap A to B, no frills motoring.

Tuesday 26th July 2011:
On Saturday, after driving a Ferrari F430 Spider, Porsche 997 Turbo & Ariel Atom (supercharged), I decided it was one of the best days of my life.

Thursday 7th July 2011:
As of today, I have been a Honda Prelude driver for 10 years! Albeit with a gap of a few months when I was without a car due to Adrian Flux / Equity Red Star messing me around. On 7th July 2001 I purchased an Iceberg Silver, 1997 P registration, Honda Prelude 2.2VTi from a Honda dealer in Winchester. I owned it until 22nd January 2005 when it was sadly sucked into a ditch . On 29th May 2005 I purchased a Ruby Red Pearl, 2000 V registration, Honda Prelude 2.2VTi from a private seller in Stratford-upon-Avon which I am still proud to own .

Monday 20th June 2011:
It's not often that I find songs emotional. After all, I rarely show emotion as I am known to be a cold hearted arrogant bastard, to quote an ex-manager. However, there have been a few exceptions. The little known Burundi Black by Burundi Steiphenson Black (the version with the additional instruments) triggered emotions of terror when I was a young child when my Dad played it on the record player. I think I believed that the drums were the sound of people being battered and the record label (yes vinyl, not CD) looked like it had been splattered with blood. This piece of music did often freak me out. After a long time of searching for it on eBay, during the summer of 2009 I succeeded in getting the track on a compilation CD of hits from 1971 and I did feel quite emotional when listening to it for the first time after about 20 - 25 years, although I no longer feel terror and I don't feel the need to hide behind a settee now. This piece of music really is terrific. Since the sad death of Michael Jackson nearly 2 years ago, I do sometimes feel emotional when listening to some of his songs, but rather strangely I feel more emotional when I listen to his singing in The Jacksons' hit Can You Feel It. His singing in that particular song is brilliant. I find Air Supply's well known song All Out Of Love quite a touching song. The lyrics really are magnificent, especially at the beginning "I'm lying alone with my head on the phone. Thinking of you till it hurts. I know you hurt too, but what else can we do? Tormented and torn apart.". You have had to experienced a broken heart to be able to understand the song. Last week I found myself feeling emotional when listening to the Luther Vandross song Dance With My Father. I suppose it's one of those songs I've heard many times before but never really took any notice of it. When a BBC Surrey Radio Presenter introduced the song on either Thursday or Friday last week they explained that it was quite a sad song and made them feel quite emotional. If you actually listen to the song's lyrics, it is quite a touching song. Coupled with the late Luther's soulful voice, it really is quite an emotional song. I must download it from iTunes Store sometime this week.

Wednesday 11th May 2011:
Last month, for just under a week, I have had the use of a 2010 Chevrolet Matiz SE courtesy car which was quite an experience, so I thought I would write a review of the car which my girlfriend & I named The Pussy Wagon (so named as I was expecting to pull loads of nurses at work when they saw me in my new wheels).

When I first sat in the car I knew I didn't like it, one of the contributing factors being the cheap tinny sounding clank as I closed the door. The interior is cheap, basic & bland. When I bought my Honda Prelude 2.2VTi during 2005, it came fitted with mud guards. I am certain the plastic they were made from was of a higher quality than the textured plastic used for the Matiz's dashboard. The plastic looks and feels a little industrial, or maybe like those plastic chairs found in schools and places of the like. This is a cheap car so I wasn't expecting it to be of a high specification. It is devoid of luxuries, although it did have electric windows. During the few days I had the car, we were amidst a mini heat wave where, amongst many other things, I did miss having use of a sunroof and air conditioning. I did find having a car with 5 doors quite novel seeing as I've been driving 2 door coupťs for the last 10 years. Build quality and sturdiness isn't a strong point. My girlfriend closed the passenger side door with her bottom, as some people do, and dented the door in the process. After prodding the damage we could tell that the door skin was quite flimsy so it wasn't surprising that it easily dents. I know that new cars have to pass stringent crash safety tests before being sold, but I definitely wouldn't want to be sitting in this car during an RTC, however many stars Euro NCAP or whoever have awarded it.

There is a pleasing blue design over the seats and door inserts which looks quite nice, even though it did remind me of bus seats, but without the dried chewing gum. Saying that, the seats probably provided as much lateral support as a typical bus seat too. Not that you'll need firm side bolstering in this car - I'll come to that later. As is the case with some other cars, the dials are located in the centre of the dashboard. I've always wondered what it would be like driving a car with the dials in a seemingly unnatural position. Years ago, I thought it was odd that new 2001+ Honda Civics had their manual gear stick sticking out of the middle of the dashboard. However, once I had driven a new Honda Civic Sport I quickly discovered that it didn't cause any problems and took no time at all to adjust. This isn't the case with the centre position of the Matiz's dials and I realised I do indeed prefer them to be directly in front of me, not off centre. Maybe the reason car manufacturers do this is to reduce manufacturing costs as then that specific dashboard section can be used in both LHD and RHD cars? Also, a few times I felt that the indicator stalks were a little too far away from the steering wheel for my short fingers.

This car had an automatic transmission, which was another novelty to me. Years ago I had a go at driving a friend's automatic 1992 Vauxhall Calibra (or the Chavalier coupť as it was known) and soon gave up as I couldn't comfortably adjust to the new driving method. Surprisingly, this time around, I didnít have the same problem. Although, it did take a little while to get used to, I soon adjusted and only had one mishap where if my Dad wasn't wearing a seat belt, he would have gone through the windscreen and landed on the petrol station forecourt as I firmly pushed the brake pedal thinking it was the clutch pedal. Speaking of brakes, they do the job perfectly and can't be faulted, probably due to the fact that I suspect the car weighs as much as one of my car's alloy wheels. Although, I do wonder how they would fair during a high speed emergency stop. Thankfully I never had to put them to the test in that situation. As I was new to auto 'boxes, the O/D button, or overdrive, was something I knew nothing about. After educating myself of its function through Wikipedia I kept it on most of the time but disabled it when having to pull out of busy junctions during rush hour. To those who play video racing games which have a turbo / boost / NOS button, itís a bit like that but the other way around. With overdrive on, the car is slower and quieter (and subsequently more economical), with it off, it will accelerate faster and make more noise as the revs are higher. This is one feature I wish the Prelude would have as I have always believed it would greatly benefit from a longer 5th gear or even a 6th gear for motorway cruising. So yes, there is one feature this Matiz has which the Prelude needs.

During the journey from Hove to Crawley along the A23, this car discovered gradients in the road which I never knew existed. When hitting a slight incline in this car, you know about it. It reminded me of my first car I owned in 1999, a 1984 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Poplar which wasn't fond of going uphill. Driving the Matiz was akin to riding a bicycle. In most cars, you become quite isolated and unaware of slight inclines on the road, whereas when riding a bicycle, you become acutely aware of them. I was driving along at a steady 60 MPH when I found myself having to firmly press the throttle pedal down in an attempt to maintain speed. I wasn't looking forward to the long steep hill at Handcross, but I did make it up there, albeit slowly. It was like the auto 'box was treating the tiny little engine as a musical instrument. When going up a hill, it changes down in a bid to maintain speed. When going up longer hills, it seems like itís a bit indecisive regarding what gear to be in as it changes between the different ratios while making no discernible difference to the speed. Instead the revs aimlessly rise and drop as dictated by the gear, sounding a tad musical at times. However, I must point out that it did successfully achieve an overtaking manoeuvre while passing a HGV dawdling along at 30 MPH on a 40 MPH road, so well done Pussy Wagon.

On a flat road, this car with its 3 cylinder 796 cc engine is slow, very slow, exacerbated by the slush 'box. My old 1984 Ford Fiesta had more get up and go. I'm sure my Prelude's electric window motors produce more oomph than this car. Staying in the left hand lane when crawling up Handcross hill was a must and I had to exercise caution when pulling out of junctions. I suppose it was quite an eye opener to me as I didn't realise cars can be so slow as this one. Now I have experienced a car with an auto 'box, including "auto creep", I can understand, but not condone, those dim lazy drivers who also drive autos - the type that keep a foot on the brake pedal when stationary, like at traffic lights for example. I believe the government should commission a driver education program informing these dim witted people that they should be using the handbrake, rather than potentially baking their brake pads, warping their brake discs and boiling their brake fluid while annoying the person behind through brake light glare. Although, I must say that while I do have sensitive eyes, I don't suffer any ill effects from glaring brake lights like some drivers complain about.

Now on to the handling. The steering feels light and responsive, maybe a bit go kart like, but it was uncommunicative. But I didn't feel safe going round corners and roundabouts like I do in the Prelude. Although I wasn't driving it fast while I had it (I wanted to spend as little money on petrol as possible), I was worried that the laws of physics would overcome its chassis and it would topple over while cornering. I do wonder if this car would fail the elk test like the original Mercedes A Class famously did. A few times I found myself having to remind myself that I wasn't driving a 4WS equipped sports coupť with sports suspension and wide sticky tyres.

So, to sum up, is this a good car and is it worth buying? No, not if you are buying it for yourself. I can understand why a company might buy one to lend to their customers as a courtesy car. I was spending quite a lot of money on my own car and the last thing I wanted was having to fork out lots more money on temporary insurance and fuelling a courtesy car, so the Matiz suited my needs. It provided cheap independent transport. It does have its merits insofar as the low running costs, cheap insurance and cheap to fuel. Which says it all really - cheap. There is more to life than saving a few quid in transport costs but it would seem that to some people, being penny pinchers is everything. This car isn't for me.

Saturday 30th April 2011:
This is funny -

Thursday 28th April 2011:
So people are camping out on the streets of London for the Royal Wedding. How sad. Me thinks some people need to get a life.

Wednesday 20th April 2011:
This is cool - Basically, it's a modern day computer in what, on first appearances, looks like an old Commodore 64 casing. However, upon closer inspection, there are some minor differences, necessary to accommodate the modern hardware. It even comes with an emulator enabling the owner to play old C64 games. This has my respect.

Thursday 17th March 2011:
This skinny kid so gets what he deserves. We're not tought this in Tae Kwon-Do: -

Thursday 10th February 2011:
I'm famous! Here's my new single - Adam Carr.

Saturday 15th January 2011:
I had a few seconds of fame this week. On Thursday, BBC Surrey radio presenter Sarah Gorrell was running a phone / text / email in, requesting listeners to share their stories of funny & strange things they used to believe when they were young. I contributed by texting "When I was young, I believed that Turkish Delight was made from Turkey's eyeballs. I have never been a fan. From Adam working at East Surrey Hospital". I was delighted when the radio presenter read it out about 5 or 10 minutes later!

Friday 31st December 2010:
This week marked the departure of a legend. Tuesday nights will never be the same without Connie Beauchamp .

Wednesday 3rd November 2010:
Today The Lude reached 100,000 miles. May The Lude continue in VTEC garnished style for many more thousands of miles.

Tuesday 26th October 2010:
On a similar note to Adam's Endorsements Series, I would like to recommend a web site - Its seemingly randomly generated URL can't be described as snappy, as of that which is easily remembered, however its contents are extremely funny. I would describe the site's owner, David Thorne, as a genius. Wit should be his middle name. I have spent a lot of time reading most of the pages on his web site and on many occasions I have found myself in tears due to laughing so much. It is extremely rare for me to find something so amusing that it has left me in tears, but David Thorne has this uncanny ability. I haven't been a wearer of glasses for long, but thanks to this web site, I have found myself having to remove my glasses to clear the tears from my eyes after reading his hilarious sarcastic rhetoric.

Monday 23rd August 2010:
I have experienced an earthquake!

Wednesday 4th August 2010:
Yesterday afternoon I developed a strong crush. I found myself attracted to the new Honda CR-Z, of which there was a black car in the staff car park at work. Nice body, shame about the engine. Let's hope Honda give it a high performance VTEC engine so its performance compliments its looks.

Tuesday 27th July 2010:
To conclude Adam's Endorsements series, I shall talk about quite an unmanly subject - shoe shops. I would like to endorse two shoe retailers with shops located in Brighton - Size? and Offspring. The trainers that both shops sell are mostly quite different to what is sold in most other shops. As with my previous two endorsements, I am endorsing these two shops as their products are quite different to what is available elsewhere. Some of the trainers are quite colourful and I would say aesthetically stunning compared to the usual run of the mill trainers found being sold elsewhere on the high street. Their products, especially those in Offspring, are a break from the norm. In August last year, my girlfriend bought me a pair of Nike Air Footscape trainers in a purple/red combination from Size? for my birthday and during January this year I bought myself a pair of Puma Mostro Mesh trainers in a Chinese red/black combination from Offspring. The Nike Air Footscape trainers are possibly the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned and the vivid shade of Chinese red instantly attracted me to the Puma Mostro Mesh trainers. Once I saw them, even though I didnít need another pair of trainers, I decided that I must have them. Hmmm, I suppose that last comment makes me sound like a bit of a girl with their congenital fixation with footwear!

Thursday 22nd July 2010:
"Bonkers" is a word that could describe the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It seems the VW Group management deemed the standard Veyron to be a little lethargic for their liking: 987 - 1001 BHP (depending on who you believe), 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253 MPH. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport still has an 8 litre, 16 cylinder, 4 turbo engine (bonkers) but now has an almost unbelievable 1183 BHP. That is mental, that is six times more than my car. Acceleration to 60 MPH remains identical but the top speed has been recorded at 269.8 MPH, however, the engineers have limited its top speed to 258 MPH in order to protect the tyres. Its figures are bonkers, as is its price - £1.63m or £1.92m for the World Record Edition, of which all 5 have already been sold.

Tuesday 13th July 2010:
This morning I discovered that the singer of probably the best ever song has died. Benjamin Orr, band member of The Cars, provided the lead vocals for the 1984 hit "Drive", which is probably my favourite ever song. Although he died 10 years ago of pancreatic cancer (or C25.9 as I would call it in the trade), I wasn't aware until today. A belated R.I.P. to Benjamin Orr.

Thursday 24th June 2010:
In regards to my blog entry dated 24/03/2010, Coconut M&M's are quite nice.

Friday 18th June 2010:
Further to my blog entries dated 10/10/2006 & 17/02/2007 regarding occult robotic activity within East Surrey Hospital, today I read a news story which goes towards backing up my suspicions:- BBC News. It has been announced that the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Scotland is using robots to carry out tasks originally carried out by humans! The robots will carry clinical waste, deliver food, clean the operating theatre and dispense drugs. However, these robots look like little fork lift trucks rather than human-like androids that I suspect work within East Surrey Hospital.

I have my suspicions regarding these newly announced robots. Maybe the robots are colluding, maybe they are planning something? Obviously, the human-like androids I've experienced are undercover and have not been formally discovered yet. It now appears that East Surrey Hospital is not the only hospital that has been infiltrated by robots, I believe they are also actively working in the Scottish hospital too. I suspect they have got ulterior motives. I reckon these new little robots have been manufactured by the androids. The androids have unsurprisingly infiltrated hospital management and have arranged for these new fork lift truck type robots to be introduced into the hospital. I'm not too sure what is going on or what their plans are, but I'm sure something is afoot. What is even more worrying is that the robots will have their own dedicated network of corridors underneath the hospital. That seems very suspicious to me and I do wonder what they will be getting up to while out of sight from us humans. Maybe they will be building something? A large weapon of mass destruction or maybe a factory producing smaller handheld weapons? These newly employed overtly looking robots could probably be converted into some sort of mobile attack vehicle, like an unmanned tank or something. Or maybe they are just producing more of themselves? They could even use discarded parts of human bodies, such as limbs from amputations, on themselves to make them look more human-like to aid their integration. Yes, I'm sure a hospital would be a good source of human organs they could be using for their transplants. I strongly suspect something is going on, only time will tell.

Tuesday 25th May 2010:
On Saturday, I watched the latest A Nightmare On Elm Street film, which is the 2010 remake of the original 1984 horror film. I have long been a fan of the A Nightmare On Elm Street films and think Fred Krueger is brilliant. I say this, even though the films did succeed in freaking me out when I was a child. I enjoyed drawing parallels between the original and the remake. Would I say the remake was good? I'm not sure. I suppose it was good, but ever since I found out about the film being made about a year ago, I have been very excited and quite looking forward to it. It's probably because I have been so looking forward to it, that I didn't think it was as good as I had hoped for. Maybe I had my hopes set too high and maybe it was actually quite good? But whatever, because of this, I'd say the film was good, but I left feeling a little underwhelmed. I found the deaths of Freddy's victims quite unimaginative and one thing is for sure, the new chap who now plays the part of Fred Krueger, is no way as good as Robert Englund's interpretation. The original actor, Robert Englund is much better and sadly, Fred Krueger seems to have lost his way with words, which I found entertaining in the past.

Thursday 20th May 2010:
Further to my MP3 related blog entries during February, last week, I downloaded two more MP3s - Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen and Land Of Make Believe [2008 Extended Version] by Bucks Fizz. Land Of Make Believe is an absolutely fantastic song, and I recently, rather bravely, sang it in a group of 4 during karaoke, however, the 2008 Extended Version is disappointingly not as good as the original version. I hope that by me downloading those two very good songs, it will go towards redressing the imbalance caused by my previous near-heinous act of downloading an MP3 by Eminem. My next MP3 download will be Solid by Ashford & Simpson, hopefully now my conscience will then be vindicated.

Tuesday 4th May 2010:
Today is Star Wars day - May the 4th be with you! And on that subject, I think this is very funny - click me.

Wednesday 21st April 2010:

Wednesday 24th March 2010:
Here's the second instalment of Adam's Endorsements series...

Today I shall endorse a couple of retailers specialising in sweets and chocolates - Cybercandy and The Stateside Candy Company. Like ShakeAway, these retailers sell goods which are a break from the norm, they sell stuff which is very different to what you would normally find in conventional shops, which is one of the reasons I choose to endorse them. They source their goods internationally and sell them here. Most, if not all, of their stuff they sell is not otherwise available for sale in the UK. Some of their sweets and chocolates are variations of what is normally sold in the UK, for example, Milky Way Midnight, Peanut Butter Twix & Almond M&M's. Some sound quite odd such as the Japanese variations of the KitKat which included vegetable flavour and ginger ale flavour. Personally, I quite like the American Hershey's Zagnut Bar, which is described as a "unique combination of crunchy peanut butter covered in rich toasted coconut". The downside to both retailers is that their prices can't be described as cheap.

Friday 26th February 2010:
Tonight, after watching the DVD of Michael Jackson's This Is It, I still firmly believe Michael Jackson is, and always will be, the King of Pop. I cannot see anybody surpassing his excellence. It was evident throughout the filming of the rehearsals for the series of concerts, which sadly were never to be, that even at the age of 50, he still had the magic. It is a massive shame that the world has prematurely lost a star when he clearly had so much more left to give. He has left us with legacy that is his music and I am proud to be an eternal fan.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010:
I would just like to add a little something regarding me downloading "We Made You" by Eminem. I not a fan of Eminem and I am not particularly a fan of rap music in general. I don't really enjoy listening to the typical jabbering blah blah blah noise of Eminem in his songs. However, I do like the chorus sung by a female in "We Made You", which is why I chose to download it.

Sunday 21st February 2010:
To augment my ever increasing MP3 collection (currently standing at 5989 tracks - 16 days, 13 hours, 57 minutes & 52 seconds), today I carried out my first ever download of a digital music track - "We Made You" by Eminem. I now feel all modern. After recently favouring Apple's iTunes 9 over Microsoft's Media Player 12, I signed up for an iTunes Store account and downloaded the track for the sum of £0.99. Easy as pie, I just wish it gave the option of downloading tracks in MP3 format rather than M4A to save me having to convert them afterwards.

Monday 8th February 2010:
My blog has been quite neglected of late, so I've decided to start a mini series of blogs. This series could be titled Adam's Endorsements and this is number one of a planned three...

Today I shall endorse a soft drinks high street retailer called ShakeAway. Check out their menu of milkshakes. Some of the flavours available are hard to believe. Here are just a few of the many unusual flavours available: Ginger, Twix, Smarties, Trebor Extra Strong Mints, Haribo Starmix, Fig Roll, Bourbon Biscuit, Jam Doughnut, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Orange Marmalade and Peanut Butter. Yes, these are all milkshakes, but to quote one of their trade marks "MilkShakes Re-Invented". So far, I've only tried two: coconut and Cadbury's Creme Egg, and they were very nice. I have one of their menus in my wallet and plan to cross each one off each time I buy a different flavour. There are loads listed so I don't really expect to get through the whole lot, especially as some don't sound too appealing, such as Weetabix or Custard. However, when Marie & I were in there on Saturday, the shop was crammed full of school kids. I felt quite old and out of place.

Monday 28th September 2009:
Last night I played Snap and it was fun. I haven't played it for probably about 20 years and needless to say, I won.

Wednesday 9th September 2009:
For those of you who have owned an Acorn Electron, I recommend you check out this web site - Be prepared for a major overdose of nostalgia when viewing the screen shots of the games. It was such a trip down memory lane when I stumbled across this web site today. Memories were rekindled of games such as Twin Kingdom Valley, Cybertron Mission, Jet Power Jack, Stock Car and many more. I think one day I might buy an Acorn Electron and get a load of the games I used to own, so I can bask in nostalgia.

Monday 10th August 2009:
Today I purchased my first power tool. I'm now a man.

Thursday 23rd July 2009:
My long awaited 2008 review is finally up (over 6 months late). There are other changes which will happen across my web site over the next few weeks, including numerous updates on the "My Car" page.

Friday 26th June 2009:
At 23:01 last night I was awoken by text message with the shocking news that Michael Jackson had died . Michael will always be the King of Pop, no one will ever surpass his excellence, he is the greatest singer we will ever have experienced. R.I.P. MJ.

Thursday 4th June 2009:
R.I.P. David Carradine (Mr Kill Bill) .

Saturday 28th March 2009:
Yesterday lunch time at work I was spotted by an old school friend, Colin Adams. I was surprised that he instantly recognised me, considering we hadn't seen each other for about 14 years (since about 1994/1995). Obviously, I've kept my youthful looks .

Saturday 6th December 2008:
I've heard the shocking news that Honda have been Credit Crunched out of Formula One. They say it's 'cos of the current economic crisis. Nothing to do with them being a bit crap then? Poor Jenson Button. Not. Let's hope that no team employs him, he realises he is crap, becomes a manic depressive and drinks himself to death.

Tuesday 2nd December 2008:
An ideal Christmas present for the girlfriend / wife -

Friday 21st November 2008:
For all you Eurythmics fans out there - There are many other great Eurythmics videos on YouTube, the videos showing them performing live during the eighties are the best.

Wednesday 15th October 2008:
I passed my latest Tae Kwon-Do grading so yay for me . I'm back to the same grade I was 13 years ago .

Thursday 4th September 2008:
Practice makes ....... perfect? Nope. Practice does not makes perfect. Practice makes permanent. If you practice a technique / task / whatever incorrectly, you will learn it incorrectly, so the end result will not be perfect. Just a little nugget of wisdom there from one of my Tae Kwon-Do instructors, which I found intriguing.

Thursday 28th August 2008:
I'm no longer in my 20's .

Wednesday 27th August 2008:
I'm in my 20's .

Friday 25th July 2008:
I have just discovered this fascinating web site -

Monday 23rd June 2008:
Further to my previous blog entry, last night on BBC's Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson compared the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Prius to the BMW M3. The Toyota Prius is an environmentally friendly car which aims to be extremely fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency wasn't a priority when BMW designed the high performance, 4 litre V8 powered, 414 BHP, BMW M3. Jeremy in the BMW M3 followed the Toyota Prius around 10 laps of a circuit (going at the Toyota's fastest pace rather than what the BMW was ultimately capable of) and the BMW M3 achieved better fuel consumption - 19.4 MPG Vs 17.2 MPG! Toyota Prius = bollocks.

Tuesday 20th May 2008:
I recently read an article in the Sunday Times motoring & technology supplement "InGear" dated 16/03/2008 testing the fuel consumption of the Toyota Prius T Spirit and BMW 520d SE. The article with video clip is also available on the internet here. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car (combining an electric motor with a petrol engine) whereas the BMW 520d SE uses a standard diesel engine. Surprisingly, the BMW was proven to be better. The BMW used less fuel (10.84 gallons vs 11.34 gallons), subsequently had a higher MPG figure (50.3 MPG vs 48.1 MPG) and the total cost of fuel used was less too (£54.19 vs £54.64). And to top it off, the BMW also has much better performance than the lethargic Toyota. Both cars were driven over a 545 miles journey through Britain, France & Switzerland on a variety of roads. To make the test more like the real-world, the BMW driver used the car's air conditioning and stereo whereas the Toyota driver refrained from using those accessories to optimise fuel economy. The supposed selling point of the Toyota Prius is its fuel economy and kindness to the environment due to less harmful exhaust emissions. I don't really think anyone would want to buy a Toyota Prius for its looks, price, handling or performance so the owners of the Toyota Prius must be driving along full of self-righteousness, in blissful ignorance of the facts. They think that because their car is a hybrid, it is the most environmentally friendly and most economical car to own. I feel this article should have had more publicity, people should be made aware that the Toyota Prius (and possibly other hybrid vehicles) simply isn't what it's cracked up to be. The government need to wake up to this fact too as they allow owners of hybrid vehicles to have discounts off of the London congestion charge and also assign them to a lower road tax band than vehicles with conventional engines (even producing the same or less emissions). If the large BMW 5 Series can beat the Toyota Prius on fuel economy, I'm sure there are many smaller vehicles with smaller diesel engines available which are even more fuel efficient than both of them, including VW's range of BlueMotion vehicles. I know some may see me going on about fuel economy as a bit hypocritical coming from an owner of a Honda Prelude which is on a strict diet of Shell V-Power. I'm fully aware that my car isn't the most fuel efficient car out there and compared to my girlfriend's VW Golf 1.4, my car drinks petrol like Amy Winehouse drinks booze. But thanks to the wonders of VTEC, compared to other cars of similar performance, my car's fuel consumption isn't bad. So, to all you tree hugging eco friendly environmentalists - the truth is out there and both Toyota and the government are pulling the green wool over your eyes.

Thursday 8th May 2008:
Kellerman's Anthem from Dirty Dancing, what a wonderful song. A bit odd, but still wonderful.

Saturday 12th April 2008:
My new credit card.

Tuesday 1st April 2008:
Marie got a Tom Tom sat nav for Christmas from her parents which has a preinstalled range of voices which Marie can select to verbally guide her on her journeys. I've heard that Tom Tom owners are able to download extra voices from the internet at a cost. This got Marie & I thinking of what voices we would like. If I had a sat nav, my voice wish list would definitely include Tom Baker, Alan Rickman, Amanda Mealing & Hugo Weaving. The actors Tom Baker & Alan Rickman have very distinctive voices. Amanda Mealing would be ordering the driver in her domineering fashion as Connie Beauchamp from Holby City "You will take the next left turn and that's an order"! Hugo Weaving would be talking in the interestingly paced fashion he does as Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogy. He has such a cool way with his words. Other ideas included Darth Vader from Star Wars (with his heavy breathing) and Yoda speaking in his usual backward fashion "The third exit at the next roundabout, you will take". I would also like Robocop (from the first film as his voice was altered for the other two films) and the weather presenter Daniel Corbett (such an odd voice). I suppose Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw's voice behind the puppet in the Saw films would be interesting options. Some people may find Ruby Wax or Julian Clary amusing. Two to definitely avoid would be the monotone robot-like voices of the Formula One drivers Kimi RšikkŲnen & Nigel Mansell. They would tend to send the driver to sleep. In my opinion, Marie had the ultimate suggestion of KITT from Knight Rider.

Sunday 2nd March 2008:
Today I bought the Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition of Michael Jackson's Thriller album. To me, Michael Jackson is the world's greatest ever pop artist. He is a legend and I've liked his music since I first noticed him in 1987. Although, I don't believe the child abuse accusations made against him are true (for which he has been proven not guilty), I do find this picture extremely funny! MJ, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, but it is funny.

Wednesday 31st January 2008:
"Oh my fucking lord" were the words I used when I saw a Ferrari F40 while driving home after work today . To me, the Ferrari F40 is the greatest car ever. It might be getting on a bit now (1987 - 1992) and there are cars out now which are faster (but not many), but the 201 MPH Ferrari F40 is a legend.

Monday 7th January 2008:
On Saturday, I tasted some unusual food which I had never tasted before. It was the birthday get-together of Norman, Marie's Grandfather, and nine of us went to The Hatchgate to celebrate his birthday. For my main course, I had crocodile steak with chunky cajun sauce. In taste and appearance I would describe crocodile steak as a cross between cod and chicken. It was very nice, highly recommended. I also tasted Nigel's ostrich steak (like pork), Lynne's camel steak (like beef) and Wayne's wild boar steak (like pork). Other dishes which I sampled which I had already tasted before were Marie's swordfish and Norman's sea bass. Norman & Lynne both had a cheese board with biscuits for dessert with some odd cheeses, including a smoked cheese, hot / chilli cheese, cheese with apricot & ginger (which apparently tasted like marzipan) and odd looking green & red cheeses. The meal was an interesting experience as everyone at the dinner table was eager to sample each other's meals. It was definitely worth going and I've decided the next time I go, I will either have the kangaroo steak or zebra steak, while Marie will be having the shark. We're all looking forward to next month when we're going there again .

Wednesday 28th November 2007:
Today, I saw a Lamborghini Murciťlago. Very nice.

Monday 29th October 2007:
I've recently found out about such a cool gadget, the M500 Cellwatch ( It's a mobile phone in the form of a wrist watch which has all the usual features you would expect to have on a mobile phone including SMS, WAP, MP3 & Bluetooth. How cool is that? You can communicate with people by talking to your wrist! Apparently similar concepts have been in Thunderbirds, Joe 90 & Dick Tracy, but I haven't watched any of those programs so wouldn't know personally. I reckon it sounds sooooo cool and would love one, if it wasn't so expensive at £420. It's quite futuristic and sort of reminds me of playing role playing games in a school playground when I was a kid. The sort where you would pretend to shoot your friends with laser guns (while making the sound effect yourself) and talk into your wrist communications device to call for back up. Those were the days.

Monday 22nd October 2007:
Yay for Lewis Hamilton not winning the 2007 Formula One World Championship yesterday . Yay for a Ferrari driver winning the championship instead . Yay for my Mum's birthday today .

Wednesday 26th September 2007:
While at work this morning, wishing I was elsewhere, I stumbled upon a useful web site - I set the timer to 16:00 (home time), set the size to small and shrink the window to a small size in the top right corner of my screen. It serves as a constant reminder that the time left until home time is relentlessly decreasing and it subsequently makes me feel better inside.

Friday 21st September 2007:
Today I have become aware of more robotic activity (see 10/10/2006 & 17/02/2007 for the background). On the news today there was a story about a 10 year old boy who drowned in a pond while rescuing his 8 year old Step-Sister while two Police Community Support Officers watched. Apparently, they didn't attempt a rescue because they were not trained to do so. I believe they must be robots. These two robot examples probably came off the same production line as the Protocol Robot (see 10/10/2006), as they seem to be showing some of the same traits as the example which I personally know. The Police Community Support Officer robots are programmed to follow protocol and must not deviate at any cost, even at the cost of human life. Another thing I wonder is if water has an adverse effect on the robot's electronics and would cause a malfunction. Maybe that was a restricting factor? Maybe they are also susceptible to rust as well? Yes, I am almost convinced that they are robots as any human being would have instinctively attempted to save the boy's life but the two Police Community Support Officers seemed to have been restricted. Either that or they are both pathetic spineless examples of human beings.

Tuesday 28th August 2007:
Oh well, less than a year left of being in my twenties .

Tuesday 21st August 2007:
Today I had to break the news to my Dad that one of his Sisters has died .

Monday 20th August 2007:
Yesterday, shortly before dinner, while sitting in my bedroom I heard a crash noise outside. I ignored it and about 10 seconds later I heard another crash noise outside and thought it would be very unlikely there would be two car crashes in the car park outside my house within 10 seconds. After hearing shouting I looked out of the window and saw that there had been a collision. I went outside to investigate and saw that five cars had been damaged by one Toyota Previa. I took some photos of the aftermath. Apparently, the lady driver of the Toyota Previa reversed into the parked Vauxhall Astra, which damaged the Vauxhall Zafira parked next to it in the process. She must have been reversing quite quickly to knock the Vauxhall Astra, up a kerb, almost clean out of its parking space. She then panicked and thought she had hit someone. In her panic state she drove off into more parked vehicles. She collided with a Peugeot Partner (which apparently was owned by her husband) and a Ford Escort. The impact with the Peugeot Partner van pushed it up a grass verge it was parked in front of and the impact with the Ford Escort pushed it against a BMW 318 which also suffered body work damage. While in a panic state, the driver ran home and left her MPV in the middle of the car park. Women.

Sunday 19th August 2007:
Here is a photo of my new T-shirt .

Friday 27th July 2007:
As a result of the recent extremely wet weather and subsequent floods in the UK, there has been a disruption to water supply in some areas. So, there is a shortage of water due to an excess of water. How odd.

Friday 20th July 2007:
On Wednesday, for the first time since the national smoking ban in public places, I went to a night club. It was nice leaving the place afterwards not stinking like an ash tray. It's a shame a cockhead on the dance floor spilt his or her drink over my bitch & I .

Sunday 15th July 2007:
Calvados. Potent stuff.

Wednesday 16th May 2007:
Oh my god, I've actually made a relationship last for over six months. That's half a year. Not quite a record for me, but still quite landmark event. What's happening to me? Am I starting to mellow or settle down in my old age?

Friday 4th May 2007:
Hmmm, 'Dynamic'. Dynamic is a word which is only used by people who wear suits.

Monday 30th April 2007:
The new Honda CR-V, what a ghastly looking vehicle. When I first saw one, as it passed me travelling in the opposite direction, I thought the bonnet had been left open. I saw another one the following day and realised that it was actually just ugly and the bonnet wasn't up. It makes me wonder if BMW's infamous Chris Bangle now works for Honda.

Thursday 29th March 2007:
Last year, because my concerns were not acted on at managerial level, the NHS Trust where I work has just discovered that they have missed out on over £200,000 of revenue. The following movie quote seems quite fitting "Somehow 'I told you so' doesn't quite say it" (Will Smith, i Robot).

Wednesday 21st March 2007:
Recently I've been making use of a new type of therapy which I call bollocks therapy. My version is a slight modification of the original which I learnt from someone else a few weeks ago. When you're feeling pissed off, things are getting you down and you are in the realisation that a lot of the stuff going on around you is stupid (along with the people responsible), just say to yourself "It's all bollocks". Periodically, throughout the day, simply quietly say to yourself "It's all bollocks". Think of it as an occasional reminder to yourself that you are sane and the environment that you are in is what is at fault. I find it has a rather surprising uplifting effect on one's soul. It is also effective when you tell others that "It's all bollocks" too. Try it, trust me, it works.

Wednesday 7th March 2007:
Holby City without Connie is like foreplay without sex.

Saturday 17th February 2007:
This week I've noticed more robotic activity within the hospital where I work (see 10/10/2006 for the background). There is one particular cleaner who moves extremely slowly. This is habitual and not an just isolated occurrence. Watching it in motion is almost depressing. As it dawdles along, it gives off the impression that it has lost the will to live. Either that or it just can't be bothered. Personally I would find it extremely difficult to continuously walk at such an incredibly slow pace like this example does. Its whole bodily motion is like watching a video sequence in slow motion. Everybody else around it is moving along at a normal pace, but this example continues at its own lethargic pace, seemingly oblivious to what's going on around it. The reason I suspect this example is a robot is simply because I reckon its battery is running low which is why it moves along at such an unhurried pace.

Another observation I have made this week is that robots who use the main hospital corridor seem to congregate in doorways. This can obstruct the flow of other staff, patients & visitors also using the corridor. I suspect these examples (nearly always in the guise of medical personnel or people wearing suits) are robots as anyone with common sense who felt the need to stop for a conversation in a corridor, would stand by the wall, not in the doorway causing a stricture. Now, why do they choose congregate at such awkward an location? My suspicion is that the hospital doorways are some sort of recharging hotspots. Somewhere around the door frames are some sort concealed devices which emit invisible energy waves which are picked up the robot's batteries.

Why doesn't the slow moving cleaner robot recharge its battery? I'm not entirely sure. As medical personnel are generally on higher salaries than an average cleaner, this might be the reason why. Maybe robots do have to pay a fee to recharge their batteries in doorways and as the doorway congregating robots are nearly always medical personnel, maybe they can afford to do it more often than robotic cleaners?

Wednesday 24th January 2007:
Yesterday's snow fall was minor compared to last night's snow fall. I woke up to see a carpet of snow covering everything outside . I had to clear about 2 - 3 inches of snow off of my car before cautiously driving to work. Unfortunately, as always, the snow caused traffic problems which resulted in my usual 35 minute journey to work being extended by an extra hour and a half . While sitting in stationary traffic I saw kids playing in the snow near a school in Horley and I was tempted to get out my car and join 'em. When I was closer to work, but still stuck in traffic, from my car I took some photos of the snow covered fields in Redhill.

Tuesday 23rd January 2007:
It's snowing! Yay!

Monday 15th January 2007:
Chacarron by El Chombo. What a strange amusing song.

Thursday 28th December 2006:
Oh well, it seems like Christmas is all over now as I'm back at work . When returning to work or school after Christmas, there is one difference between work and school - at work, people don't talk about their presents. When at school, all your friends want to know about what presents you got for Christmas and vice-versa. When in the classroom, you have to recite a memorised precise list of your new toys. Nothing like this happens at work.

Monday 18th December 2006:
I have found out that being a textophile has detrimental financial implications, in so far as my last monthly bill was approximately five and a half times more than usual . I must try to implement partial abstinence.

Sunday 10th December 2006:
Today I went bowling and realised I am crap at it. I was even beaten by a woman.

Tuesday 7th November 2006:
While walking along the hospital, I came across an interestingly titled leaflet. I am more than aware, possibly overly aware and I definitely do not need any kind of leaflet urging me to be more aware! They are usually one of the first things I notice so no extra advice is needed for me thank you.

Monday 6th November 2006:
Exactly 115 text messages sent within 11 hours, 20 minutes, from 14:40 to 02:00. Most of which were sent between 21:00 at night to 02:00 in the morning. Is that the world record for the highest amount of text messages sent to one single person within less than half a day? Am I giving myself SMS RSI?

Wednesday 1st November 2006:
I am starting to wonder about the motives of some women. After a recent experience, I now wonder if some women routinely mess around men for their own satisfaction. I get the impression it can be a hobby, they possibly play their routine game on a habitual basis. Either that or the particular lady I've recently had the pleasure of knowing is one seriously confused lady who has difficulty understanding plain English and is in denial of what has been said to her. Or possibly she is indecisive regarding her actual needs. This didn't bother me, in fact I found it slightly amusing. Hmmm, I wonder.

Wednesday 25th October 2006:
"Dare" by The Gorillaz, up until a few days ago, I would have sworn that the first verse started "You've got some bread stick on you", when it is in fact "You've got to press it on you". Currently, I just can't get the song out of my head, I keep playing it over and over and over again. It's fantastic.

Monday 23rd October 2006:
The last few days have been quite nostalgic for me. This month, I've been on a mini spending spree, including buying CDs via eBay which have been on my wanted list for many years. On Friday I received Baby Baby by Amy Grant and today I received Seal Our Fate by Gloria Estafan. Both were originally released during 1991 and back then I owned both of them on 7" vinyl. Listening to those two songs brings back memories of my relatively care free childhood days living in March, Cambridgeshire. I probably haven't heard much of those two songs since I last played them on a record player all those years back. On Saturday while continuing my shopping spree, I bought a couple of DVDs, one of which was Doctor Who - The Five Doctors. This is the first Dr Who DVD I've bought and has also been on my wanted list for a while. This was originally broadcast in November 1983 (when I was 5 years old), and unsurprisingly stars all five Doctors who had played the part of Dr Who up until that date. William Hartnell wasn't in it, as he was dead by then, so had someone else convincingly taking his place. This was quite nostalgic as I'm a Dr Who fan who grew up during the Peter Davidson era followed by Colin Baker whom I wasn't too impressed with. In my opinion, Peter Davidson was the best Dr Who so it was good watching him in an original Dr Who show. Unfortunately, Tom Baker had only a very brief part in it. The nostalgia continued on Sunday. I have recently acquired a computer (with peripherals) from Frances at work which was destined for the dump. I'm gonna sell all the individual components on eBay. After checking it all out, I realised that it started life 11 years ago as either an Opus Technology or Tiny Computers computer. Once upon a time, Opus and Tiny were the same company and I worked for between 1998 - 2002 before being made redundant along with everyone else. It was nostalgic in two ways - I worked for the manufacturer of that computer and Crawley College used the same design Opus Technology computers when I was a student there between 1995 - 1997.

Tuesday 10th October 2006:
On Sunday night, while laying in bed looking forward to a whole new week at work, I realised that I've been interacting with robots disguised as human beings. I reckon I personally know of at least 4 individual robots, all with flaws. It is because of their flaws that I know they are not entirely human.

Robot Number 1: Protocol Robot. Its main give away is that it doesn't understand life and tries to do things by the book. It can't grasp the concept that there are times in life when a person needs to bend the rules slightly. It cannot compute that family affairs have priority over protocol. It tried to point out to me that what I was doing was wrong as it was against policy. I had to explain that in certain circumstances, people have to break the rules and prioritise what matters the most, which I was prepared to do. I don't think it understood or accepted that concept.

Robot Number 2: Programmable Servant. Other than being slow and boring, its main weak point is that it is very weak minded. This robot is easily led and doesn't have much willpower of its own. People do adverse things to it and it doesn't object or retaliate. It just takes it all in and accepts it just like a loyal servant. It's sort of like its memory or control unit hasn't been put into "read only" mode after production, as others seem to have full control of the machine. Its instructions can easily be modified by other users and it has no willpower to object to the changes. It's a robot which can easily be re-programmed to do what the user wishes.

Robot Number 3: Currency Collector. This example is money obsessed. I find this specific robot intriguing, its mind seems to be like a computer game where its objective is to collect as many points as possible. In this instance, points in the game means money in real life. The game isn't a simple running around collecting points game like Pac Man, it's more of a strategy game similar to Theme Hospital or maybe Settlers. The aim of this robot is to strategically make as much money as possible, no matter what it takes and it always has a plan for it too. Unfortunately, it is not very skilled in trying to achieve its goal. The give away that this individual is a robot is that making money has priority over day to day life. It seems to be oblivious that there are things in life other than money. Interestingly, one of its counterparts also has the same aim in life, but with more success. Because of this, it seems like they are in competition against each other in a 2 player game to see who can make the most money.

Robot Number 4: Model Employee. Its obvious give away is its prime directive - serve your employer. Work seems to be everything to this robot. Its life seems to be dedicated to its exaggerated career so much so that, to outsiders, it seems to be an obsession. If told to, it would work 24 hours a day for no extra pay. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't getting paid for its role anyway. Its prime directive is noticeable while communicating with this robot as the topic of work predictably always gets mentioned, usually within the first few sentences. It is pleasant conversing with this particular robot and the inevitability of it mentioning work is quite amusing. The main aspect which disappoints me about this robot is that sometimes it makes comments at a completely inappropriate time, this demonstrates its lack of understanding of human emotions.

On Saturday, I encountered a robot via the telephone who I had not previously met. It had an Indian accent and was phoning from a call centre (presumably in India) offering to give me a mobile telephone for "free". I found communicating with this particular robot quite entertaining as its array of responses was extremely limited. It implemented a basic verbal input / output interface using a small database. It had specific set answers that it would use to respond to specific questions. Its responses were in a database and were individually selected depending on the question being asked. If I asked it a question which it did not recognise (was not in it question-to-answer mapping database), to me it became obvious that it didn't have a specifically allocated answer to my question. After a brief pause, it tried to improvise by using an answer which it judged to be the closest match. But, its closest match responses failed to answer my specific questions. It could even be caught out if I asked the same question but rephrased it slightly. Towards the end of the call, I think I overloaded its CPU with questions which it was unable to respond to and subsequently suffered an operating system crash (it gave up then hung up on me).

Robots 1 - 4 are examples which I personally know. They have the physical appearance of humans, speak like them and move like them but all have fundamental flaws which reveal their identities of not being a true human life form. I've never met the Call Centre Robot face-to-face and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was not in a recognisable human form. As it isn't designed to interact with humans face-to-face, it doesn't have to look like a human, instead it was probably just a metal box wired in to the telephone system.

I've been comparing the behavioural patterns of Robots Number 1 & 2 and have noticed that they share the same trait of being easily led. I've wondered if it was the way that both were designed or maybe one of them was infected with a computer type virus which subsequently travelled to the other robot? Being weak minded could be a contagious virus which is transmittable from robot-to-robot? Anyway, I believe it is just coincidental and is more likely to be their design rather than being due to an external cause.

While walking through the hospital, in the past I've been convinced that a lot of the people who also walk along the corridor were zombies, including patients & staff. They seem to wander along in a little world of their own unaware of what's going on around them. Some examples are akin to the proverbial chicken of the headless variety. But, now that I am in the realisation that society has been infiltrated by robots masquerading to be human, I now believe that the hospital corridor zombies are actually robots too.

Are there any modifications which may aid the above examples to blend in more with society? Well, Robot 1 needs to be decommissioned. Robot 2 needs to be reset to factory defaults then its mind needs to be write protected so others can't take control of it. Some cosmetic modifications may also be beneficial. Hmmm, Robot 3, I'm not too sure about this one. Pressing a hidden reset button (so all points / money are wiped) may resolve matters, but only temporarily. I reckon installing a new less demanding game may be more of a long term solution. Robot 4? A firmware update will not resolve this, as its prime directive is at a lower level. Some of its microchips may need replacing. I think this one will not be straight forward to repair. I suspect that the Call Centre Robot is in beta phase and more questions & answers are constantly being added to its database. One improvement which is definitely essential is for its command of the English language to be improved as its Indian accent speech synthesis was difficult to understand. Speaking clear English should be a fundamental attribute for its existence in its designated role. The corridor robots need a mass recall. All of their guidance systems are impaired and need updating along with their collision avoidance systems too.

Has anyone else noticed this artificial life form phenomenon? Please let me know.

Saturday 7th October 2006:
I'm so clever. Sometimes, I surprise myself with my skills. Today I fixed an electronic component of my car which has not been working for about a year. It was the button for the heated / demisting mirrors. A completely non-essential item, just a handy luxury, hence why I hadn't plucked up the enthusiasm to have a go at it until today. I fixed it all by myself, no help from anyone and no instruction manual or diagrams. It was a bit fiddly, but it didn't take long to sort it. I'm so happy, I've got an extra button to play with and it lights up too while on. Woo hoo . I also saved myself about £70. I'm overjoyed with the knowledge that I've had such an exciting day.

Saturday 30th September 2006:
Women. They're an indecisive lot.

Sunday 24th September 2006:
I attended a Tae Kwon-Do sparring session today which is a warm up for the TAGB South East Championships. I won a match against a higher grade . Woo hoo! But almost received a deviated nasal septum in the process. Also, during a tag team match, I scored against a black belt (who is also an ad-hoc instructor) . Woo hoo! But the right side of my chest received quite a battering and my left index finger is swollen & blue. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.

Monday 18th September 2006:
I had a prick inserted in me today. Yes, I had a blood test .

Sunday 17th September 2006:
Decisive assertiveness. Great tool, wherever you are.

Saturday 16th September 2006:
Whoops, another outburst. I'm getting good at this.

Friday 15th September 2006:
Oops, victim of aggression number two. Fun.

Sunday 10th September 2006:
Today has been very Italian. I took my Dad to Italian Car Day at Brooklands where there were Ferraris, Masaratis, Lancias, Alfa Romeos and Fiats on show. When I got home, I watched the Italian F1 GP held at Monza, where Michael Schumacher won the race in his Ferrari. It is always fantastic having Ferrari win a race, especially in front of the Tifosi in Italy, it always makes me a little emotional. At the end of the race, there was the long anticipated and predicted announcement that Michael Schumacher will retire at the end of the season. I'm not too fond of him, my dislike of him roots back to the Hill vs Schumacher days during the nineties and he will never be forgiven for Adelaide 1994. But, I'm in a difficult situation as he drives for Ferrari, I don't like him, but at the same time, I want him to win in order for Ferrari to win. So I don't hate him as much as I have done in the past. The post race press conference was quite an emotional moment when the German officially announced his retirement. With Ferrari winning the race coupled with Michael Schumacher's big announcement, it made me feel a little emotional. I couldn't help thinking - for god's sake Adam, pull yourself together, don't be silly! I suppose, in F1, I can now concentrate all my hatred towards Jenson Button. The quote of the day has to go to Renault's Flavio Briatore. When an ITV reporter asked him how much he will miss Michael Schumacher, he replied "I won't miss him at all" then walked off. Oh, how I laughed.

Thursday 7th September 2006:
Oops, I've let slip some aggression towards a local resident. Who's my next victim?

Wednesday 6th September 2006:
"Thorn in my side. You know that's all you ever were. A bundle of lies. You know that's all that it was worth. I should have known better. But I trusted you at first. I should have known better. But I got what I deserved" (Eurythmics, 1986). Very apt.

Tuesday 5th September 2006:
"Calm down dear, she's just a female" (spoken in a Michael Winner type of voice). Right now, I'm jam packed full of anger & hatred and may go pop. "Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" (spoken in a Yoda type of voice).

Monday 4th September 2006:
I love work. I'm back after two weeks and It's all change. Ward responsibilities within the department have had a shuffle, resulting in an increase of my work load, but the files are mainly quickies (can't beat a good quickie ). It will be "challenging" (I find management phrases amusing). I don't think my new responsibility is too bad, but I'm not exactly chuffed over it. Previously, it was my worst nightmare, but I don't feel as much dread as before. Unfortunately, due to the much publicised controversial Trust reconfiguration regarding Crawley Hospital, I will no longer be looking after that site . As expected, I'm already being fucked around. Am I bothered? I think not (see 11/08/2006). Today I also learnt that I missed out on an altercation within the department last week. Altercation, I like that word. I love a good altercation, it's a shame that I wasn't there to fully appreciate it . I love work. Strangely, I've been feeling rather perky today. Hmm, odd.

Sunday 3rd September 2006:
I'm back . But I'm now 28 . Got a slight tan, but not a major one as I was careful in the sun due to a tendency to burn easily. Weather was nice and drinks were cheap. I'm glad to be sleeping in my own bed again and missed my Lude loads. Went out in it today and it seemed smoother and more comfortable than ever. I love it. I think I'll devote myself to my car and not bother with women from now on - looks great, very reliable, doesn't drink too much, can go at my own pace and makes a great noise when I want it to . I've got work to look forward to tomorrow .

Friday 25th August 2006:
I'm going on holiday today . I'll be subjecting myself to excess sun and alcohol, the sequelae of which will be BCC and ALD. If for whatever reason I don't come back (either unable or unwilling), I would just like to say one more thing - women, they're a fucking disease.

Monday 21st August 2006:
My car & I are famous . There's a photo of my car on page 24 of this month's Banzai Magazine. And I'm on the left of the photo below it (with my car behind me). The photos were taken at Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2006 on the 22nd of July. I was in shock when I saw a scan of the page on the Prelude UK forum, as I wasn't aware that I was gonna be in the magazine up until then. I just had to go and buy a copy today. Fantastic .

Sunday 20th August 2006:
Today, I saw a Lamborghini Countach. Nice.

Saturday 19th August 2006:
I'm on annual leave for two weeks, yay . This time next week, my drinking partner & I will be relaxing in Corfu, yay . After the holiday, I'll probably have alcoholic liver disease, boo . Within a week and a half from now, I'll no longer be 27, boo .

Friday 11th August 2006:
I've made a decision. I've decided I should make less effort and maybe be less helpful too. A lot of the time, I make too much of an effort or work too hard and I don't get anything out of it. I make too much of a contribution. I try too hard to please others and make things work smoothly. This includes at work and throughout usual day-to-day life. I do stuff which is more than what is required, but I have realised that it just isn't worth it. So, from now on, If things go wrong, so what? Do I care? Is it my problem? I'm just gonna do what is required and nothing more.

Tuesday 8th August 2006:
Why is everything so fucking shit? Why are everyone fucking knob heads?

Sunday 6th August 2006:
After last night, and a nasty hangover, I wonder if I should take more care of my liver?

Saturday 29th July 2006:
I went out with Rima last night on Rima Rampage Mk 2, where she did get to interview a few potentials. I wasn't on the hunt 'cos women scare me. While in Liquid & Envy, I saw a girl who I vaguely recognised. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to hunt her down to speak to her (very brave of me). When I found her, it was who I thought it was - my Cousin Georgina who I think is a few years younger than me. We lived in the same neighbourhood in the 80s and I haven't seen her for about 17 years, probably 1989. I was astonished how I could recognise her after all this time as she is probably twice as old as she was when I last saw her.

Friday 28th July 2006:
Oh well, it's all gone completely fucking pear shaped. Utter disaster. Sinťad, if you ever read this, I'm sorry.

Wednesday 26th July 2006:
While still in the realisation that I've been unintentionally shat on, today's main flavour of the day is disappointment. I still don't feel brilliant, but I don't feel as down as I have been recently, which is a good thing, so yippee and all that. Maybe time is healing my feelings or the recognition that I feel like I've been inadvertently messed around has changed things?

Tuesday 25th July 2006:
I'm still very unhappy. I've been back at work for two days now which hasn't cheered me up. I've been thinking about the situation for a while, and I have now realised that I've been shat on, although it wasn't done on purpose. I genuinely feel like I've been accidentally crapped on from a great height which wasn't fair. I came worse off, I was the loser. Yes, going by how I feel at the moment, that's a rather accurate assessment of recent events.

Sunday 23rd July 2006:
Still upset . It's been a week now and I'm still feeling very unhappy, which is now pissing me off. As it wasn't a long relationship, I shouldn't really be feeling this crap, I just don't understand why / how it has fucked me up so much, it just isn't right. I'm back to work next tomorrow (I've been on annual leave for the past week) which will hopefully make me feel a bit better. JAE 2006 happened yesterday, which was OK, the journey of 130 miles was worth it. During the afternoon, the heavens opened (including thunder & lightning), but that was a part of the fun of it. There was quite a good atmosphere, very friendly welcoming Prelude UK club members, but I wasn't in a particularly sociable mood. I was proud to have a picture of my car on two different designs of the Prelude UK club flyers / leaflets. However, I didn't enjoy it as much as last year 'cos of the cloud hovering over my head which has been following me around for the last week. Today, I went to Brighton to do some shoe shopping which turned out to be fruitless (I'm very picky). Great weather, warm and sunny, but I'm still overcast by a cloud of unhappiness which has even got worse than it was yesterday. My current mood is pissing me off, and I just don't seem to be getting better. I just don't know what to do . Women = major grief.

Friday 21st July 2006:
I'm still very unhappy. Today's flavour of the day is pissed off and irritable, so fuck off! I turned down an offer to go out to a night club tonight because 1) women will be there and I don't like women, and 2) I've got to get up early tomorrow morning to drive to Peterborough. Tomorrow is Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2006, where my car will be on show. It is supposed to be a happy sociable event. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood for being happy and sociable. Hopefully, I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.

Thursday 20th July 2006:
This is getting silly now. I still haven't cheered up. My mood seems to be changing slightly each day. The main flavour of today is disbelief and a very tiny bit of despair too. The individual moods have reasons behind them too, so are not unfounded. Yes, this is a bit silly, but I can't help it. I keep telling myself to pull myself together - it was a relationship, it was good, it didn't work, move on! Get over it and sort it out! I've been here before, but never like this though. Happily, the small cloud of worry over hurting Sinťad seemed to be paranoia on my behalf, so that's sorted. This is my second failed relationship this year, but this time it is very much different. I wonder if I try hard enough, will I be able to make it a hatrick before the end of the year?

Wednesday 19th July 2006:
With the help of Sinťad, a spot of cloud busting happened last night. Cloudbusting, Kate Bush, great song. The hazy cloud of confusion & uncertainty has decisively been eliminated, and the dark cloud of misery has been thinned out a bit, but as expected, not completely eradicated. Strangely, the mood of the misery cloud has changed to a fed up mood, but in essence, it's still the same, but less intense. It should fade away in time. Unfortunately, another small cloud developed last night. I'm concerned that I may have upset or offended Sinťad which I did not want to happen. That small cloud is growing slowly and I'm hoping that I will be able to act upon it ASAP.

Tuesday 18th July 2006:
Well, I'm into day 2 of my annual leave, and I'm still feeling very sad. I feel like something has been ripped out of me. I've taken the recent development very badly, it has really fucked up my annual leave which I am supposed to be enjoying. There seems to be two clouds above me - a dark cloud of misery and a hazy cloud of confusion & uncertainty. Occasionally, a violent lightning strike of dejected resentfulness shoots out of cloud number 2, which just shouldn't be happening. I need to try to clear the air, I'm gonna try to dispel cloud number 2 which will hopefully (but probably not) help thin out cloud number 1. The clouds are linked and the only one which I can personally try to do anything about is the hazy cloud of confusion & uncertainty. If that cloud is dispersed, and subsequently the dark cloud of misery is thinned out, I will hopefully feel a little bit better and some of the misery will be alleviated. It probably won't work, but it just has to be done.

Sunday 16th July 2006:
It's over. As expected, the happiness I have been experiencing recently was merely transient. It was too good to be true. I feel really heartbroken. I am truly fed up with women, I give up on 'em, I've just had enough. I am genuinely sick of women / relationships .

Sunday 26th June 2006:
After a rather nostalgic two player game of Bubble Bobble on Sinťad's Brother's PS2, we went to a barbeque where I had to reluctantly endure a game of football on the TV - England vs Equador. If I was to say that I was thoroughly bored, that just wouldn't do the experience justice. I did find that fiddling with my trainers was rather more fun. This clearly demonstrates the extreme lengths that men can go to to please women.

Tuesday 20th June 2006:
I feel happy, I'm experiencing a paroxysm of happiness. Hmm, how odd.

Sunday 18th June 2006:
Well, my comment from 21st April isn't always true. During a purposeful drinking session with Rima on Friday night, I met a nice girl in Brannigans named Sinťad. It was one of the best nights I've enjoyed for a long time. I took her out today to Tilgate Park. I'm now looking forward to tomorrow. My faith in women is slowly being restored.

Saturday 10th June 2006:
Today's weather was probably the best so far this year. Very hot and very sunny . While washing my car during the afternoon, I decided to do it topless, which was a first for me. I decided to show of my Jelly Baby type physique to passers by. As a result, I am now sun burnt .

Friday 9th June 2006:
Unfortunately, today heralded the first day of the 2006 Football World Cup. I hate football. Many supporters attach flags to their motor vehicles, some troubled individuals cover their homes with flags and there are many other ways how people have illustrated their support for the England team. It's like a religion for some. The hype is everywhere. It's in the newspapers, in the shops, on the radio and seems to be on the TV non-stop. Regular TV programs are rescheduled to make way for the game to be broadcasted (I've got to wait 5 weeks for the next BBC Top Gear show). You just can't get away from it. And the irritating thing is that the media seem to think that EVERYONE loves football. What misguided people they are. If the media is to be believed, the whole nation is gripped by football fever. A few weeks ago, on the national news, I saw football supporters crying because their team which they supported lost a game! How sad is that? Those people need help. It's only a game where the players kick a ball around. A part of me wants England to loose its first game tomorrow in the hope that the constant publicity will die down. The country really does seem to be under a mass hysteria. I'm looking forward to it being all over in a few weeks time. Rant over.

Saturday 3rd June 2006:
Quite an entertaining day. When leaving East Surrey Hospital at midday to finish off my working day at Crawley Hospital, I was greeted by the sight of an original Aston Martin V8 Vantage parked next to my car in the staff car park. I felt honoured. And after I finished work in the afternoon, I saw a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo in Crawley. Nice. But, every time I see a picture of one, I can't help thinking "German", not "Italian" and that it's an expensive Volkswagen. In the evening, James, Rima and I had a meal at the Toby Carvery restaurant where at one point Rima spilt a glass of wine over herself which made her look like she had wet herself . After the meal, we picked up Afraz and got extremely drunk in Brannigans, minus James. I spent about £50, so getting drunk now is becoming quite an expensive task . When Rima seemed to have had pulled someone, I took great pleasure in telling her admirer that she's got Chlamydia. This friendly gesture was later reciprocated while I was talking to a couple of girls that I already knew. When the effects of one too many alcoholic beverages took effect on Afraz, he was exited from the building via an unconventional exit with the help of a bouncer. James, being the star that he is, kindly picked us all up and dropped us off at home afterwards .

Sunday 21st May 2006:
Two things - 1) today is my Dad's birthday, and 2) today, for the first time ever, I played golf. It was sort of golf, it was a golf driving range to be exact. I hated it, I'm crap at it. If I ever have to strike a golf ball with a golf club again, it will be too soon.

Wednesday 10th May 2006:
Oh well, I think I can be safe in saying that last week's plan didn't have the desired effect. Bum.

Thursday 4th May 2006:
Today is Star Wars day - May the 4th be with you! Anyway, for the first time ever, I was stranded in a broken down lift all by myself. It was shortly before 11:00 while at work. I was set free about 25 minutes later. The experience didn't stress me and I even found it slightly amusing . When I arrived at work in the morning, I was speaking to a colleague named Pat regarding her experience of being stuck in a lift. She now hates them. It was quite a coincidence that the same thing happened to me later in the day. I blame her. I would just like to add that I generally don't use lifts, I prefer to use the stairs 'cos I'm not lazy like many others. But, while at work, I have to use a lift when I've got a trolley full of patient's files. Oh, and I'm still waiting in anticipation for the result of yesterday's hasty action.

Wednesday 3rd May 2006:
Today, due to a women, I acted on impulse. I followed my heart, not particularly my brain and it felt good doing so. I was forced to act immediately, delaying wasn't an option. I had to choose from either taking action or forever regret not taking action. I took the first option which was a bold gesture on my behalf. Where women are concerned, men can do unusual things. Later, I found out that my action was not going to plan as I had hoped, but it would still have the same result at the end, so wasn't a major problem. It would just take a little bit longer and other people would sort of be aware that something was going on. During the day, I wondered if I had done the right thing or not. I was worried that I had done something which I shouldn't of. While pondering this, there was still a chance that I could retract my action before it took full effect, but I decided to just let things happen. Go with the flow, let matters unravel themselves. After the point of no return had passed, I was still unsure, but was happy in the knowledge that I acted decisively and that it was now out of my hands so worrying about it wouldn't achieve anything. I've now just got to wait to see the result of my action. Is it a success or failure? Time will tell.

Saturday 22nd April 2006:
Today, I saw a Ferrari F40 .

Friday 21st April 2006:
Women = grief.

Monday 10th April 2006:
This morning, I was delighted to wake up to a blanket of snow outside . There was an unexpected snow fall over night. I like snow. But Unfortunately, after the snow, it rained, so some of the snow had melted. Also, by the time I had got outside in the morning to go to work, it was quite sunny, so more of the snow had melted . Still, there was a few inches of snow that had settled on my car. According to news reports, some parts of the south east experienced disruption due to the unseasonable weather.

Wednesday 8th March 2006:
Recently, while going through photographs for this site and after stumbling across some old school reports, I've been getting very nostalgic. It's surprising how people change physically and mentally and how much I have forgotten about stuff which happened in the past. Today I had a brilliant idea, but very far fetched. What if, in the future, someone was to invent a machine that allows people to relive a date in their past. It would be like being plugged into the Matrix (see Matrix films). It could be described as a virtual reality. They wouldn't be able to interact and do stuff, 'cos that would mess up future events and things would get complicated (see Back To The Future films). Instead, the person would be a passenger inside themselves observing what happened to them on that particular day. They would be fully aware of what was happening, all senses would be functional (sight, hearing, smell and touch). They could fully experience a past date without interfering. To me, this sounds like an absolutely fantastic concept. I would love for that to happen, and I'm sure many people would pay money for this. What would people want to relive? Obviously, old school days would be a popular one, just a typical day as a young kid. Or, a past birthday? A party or celebration? Passing a test / exam? Meeting first partner? Marriage? Loosing virginity? If it was available, I would love to make use of it. Maybe I should patent the idea (if it's possible to do so).

Thursday 2nd March 2006:
The last few days for me have been sort of eventful. On Tuesday, unfortunately, the short lived relationship between Sarah Jeremiah & myself came to an end , which was a shame. But we are still friends though . As Tuesday was pay day (which seemed to be taking forever to come), after work I was able to comply with my car's demands for petrol which was a relief. When I got home, I found out that my Nan Rita had been admitted to hospital . As she was in the same building as where I worked, visiting her was not a difficulty . On Wednesday, this long awaited web site finally became online and as expected, there were a few minor errors which needed correcting. Also, I had to turn down an offer from Crawley Borough Council of accommodation in Southgate, mainly because I simply could not afford it . Finally, in the evening, I enjoyed my weekly semi-torture session of Tae Kwon-Do.

Friday 17th February 2006:
So, everyone knows that when you've got something on your mind, sleep is not easy to achieve. On Thursday night / Friday morning I had an acute exacerbation of this condition. I woke up at about 03:15 with stuff on my mind. At about 04:30 I realised that my attempts to clear my mind and get back to sleep were futile, so I gave up. Laying in bed awake would have been a waste of time, so I thought I might as well go to work and take advantage of the empty roads. I had nothing else better to do. Getting into my car at 05:15 felt really odd, getting into a car at this time in the morning usually only happens when going to the airport to go on holiday. Parking up at work and walking across the staff car park at 05:40 felt very un-natural. I didn't start work until 06:00 'cos I was speaking to Afraz on the phone who was on night shift. I could of relaxed in the office and done nothing until others arrived, but that would have been mean, so I did my work as I normally would do. Early on, my body felt odd, sort of buzzing. I felt full of energy and enthusiasm. Later on, my body / mind started to slow down due to having about only 4 hours sleep. As I had done my usual amount of working hours, I left work at 13:00 without having a lunch (otherwise I would have left at 13:30). Well, it's probably a world record, the earliest time any Clinical Coder has started work!

Saturday 4th February 2006:
While in Brighton, I saw a Ferrari Enzo. That is all.

Tuesday 31st January 2006:
Today I heard the unfortunate news that the husband of Jean, the Chaldon Ward Clerk, had recently died . Chaldon is one of the wards which I code and I speak to Jean everyday. She is a fantastic lady. Extremely helpful, hardworking and very caring. I just feel so sorry for her and it makes me upset when I think about her loss. I spoke to Jackie, the Abinger Ward Clerk, and she was very upset and I expect many other people are too. I am sure Jean has many supporting friends to help her during this very sad time.

Sunday 11th December 2005:
I have watched BBC Top Gear's review of the long awaited, much anticipated, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 . I have been waiting for a televised road test of this car for a long time, the car has been a long time in the making. There have been many pictures and stories of pre-production models to whet our tastes, but now, the finished product is available to give car enthusiasts something to dream about. Jeremy Clarkson loved it, he was truly impressed by it, and I can't recall him saying anything bad about it. For that to happen, it must be special. Due to its monumental performance, already, this car is a legend. Long before the product was finalised, if it did live up to the manufacturer's claims, it was destined to be outstanding. Its reputation preceded its release. It has been said that a loss of about £5 million pounds will result from the sale of each car (which retails at well over £800,000). At the end of the program, Jeremy Clarkson made a valid point - we may never see anything like this ever again . Sadly, this is likely to be the case. In today's climate of boring people wearing suits, soulless budgeting financial managers and greedy share holders, the likelihood of something so exceptional, but financially unviable, being produced, is doubtful. Profit and cost effectiveness is of the utmost importance to those aforementioned dull droids. Money has priority over innovation. The Veyron was likened to Concorde, a monumental achievement of man kind, something to be proud of. Sadly, due to men in suits, Concorde is now a memory of aviation excellence. I am sure that fast cars will still be produced, but they will all be in the Bugatti's shadow of technical excellence. Come on Ferrari, show 'em what you're made of!

Friday 25th November 2005:
This week, three famous people died - George Best (footballer), Richard Burns (rally car driver) and Pat Morita (actor). Pat Morita played Mr Miyagi in the well known Karate Kid films of the eighties and Richard Burns won the World Rally Championship in 2001. George Best played football and was an alcoholic criminal - FACT. The media have been concentrating too much on him, which I find disturbing. They seem to think that the sun shone out of his arse even though after receiving a liver transplant, he continued drinking in excess. He had also been arrested for drink driving. That transplanted liver was wasted on him. Now, I think the bloke was not a good person (to put it politely) and was over hyped by the media. The other two people which I have mentioned were better than him and were more worthy of being role models to society.